NSW greyhound industry to fight ban in Federal Court

THE New South Wales greyhound racing industry is continuing its fight to overturn the ban on the sport by launching a legal challenge in the Federal Court on Tuesday.

The proceedings intend to challenge the validity of the legislation, which was passed through the NSW Parliament in August, on the basis that it breaches section 92 of the Commonwealth Constitution which guarantees freedom of interstate trade.

“The effect of the Greyhound Prohibition Act is to make unlawful in NSW an activity that is legal everywhere else in Australia,” said Brenton Scott, Chief Executive, NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers’ Association (GBOTA) and representative from the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance.

The legal challenge in the Federal Court is being launched in addition to the proceedings in the Supreme Court which are challenging the validity of the McHugh Report which was influential in Premier Mike Baird’s decision to enforce a ban.

“The difference is that these Federal Court proceedings challenge the Act itself, whereas our action in the Supreme Court challenges the McHugh Report which formed the basis for the Government’s decision,” said Scott.

“The ban will needlessly destroy the lives of so many decent, hard-working, law abiding people and there is an alternative. The Government and the industry can work together to ensure that the NSW greyhound industry operates viably and with world leading animal welfare standards in place.

“We will continue to fight the legislation through all the channels available to us.

“At the same time we are working to ensure that any transition plans are fair, address the financial needs of industry members who have invested in the sport and, most importantly, look after the dogs.”

The news on the new legal challenge comes a day after a draft report leaked from the NSW Greyhounds Taskforce revealed thousands more greyhounds will be effected by the ban than initially expected.

The original estimate predicted 6,000 dogs will be in need of a new home when the ban comes into effect from July 1, 2017, with a State Government review finding the actual number is 19,000.

“The Special Commission of Inquiry reported evidence from Greyhound Racing NSW that there were 6,809 active racing dogs in NSW,” the report says.

“In total, GRNSW has reported to the taskforce that there are an estimated 10,263 named greyhounds (between 18 months and six years of age) in NSW.

“A further 8,922 greyhounds have been microchipped and ear branded but not yet named.”

Past Discussion

  1. As we all know there is no compensation  included in the legislation, that in itself tells one, is that Baird and Grant would have been advised they could lose in the Federal Court and the Supreme Court win would have some bearing  on the case at a Federal Level ?

  2. After the Orange By-Election and the NATS get smashed , there will be a Baird Back Flip  Grant back on the beat and Gladys Berejiklian will throw her hat in the ring for the top job!

  3. BobWhitelaw  You may be right  Bob I do not know that much about her but she seems – well – very Liberal and that is enough to worry me. That Jillian is a piece of works isn’t she?

    At 72 she must qualify for a parliamentary pension she should go but I don’t think she will go voluntarily. I don’t think she is personally responsible for the damage to the babies but when I heard her talk to the press about it I could not believe her responses. The interviewer gave her at least four chances to show compassion and each time it was ” yes but” and then some “what about me comment” ” I’m not going anywhere I am doing a great job mistakes happen and will always happen” I wondered if she would feel like that if it was her baby. I don’t think she realises just how much she has damaged herself with comments like that. Disgraceful I couldn’t help but wonder how the parents would have felt if they had heard that.