NSW Integrity Staffer Under Investigation For Inappropriate Email

Industry Update

The NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) has today confirmed one of its own staff members is under investigation after having sent an “inappropriate” email. No other information regarding the staff member or the content of the email was forthcoming.

A GWIC spokesperson said, “The Commission has confirmed that an investigation into an inappropriate email sent by a staff member of the Commission is underway. The investigation will determine whether any breaches of the Commission’s Code of Ethics & Conduct has occurred.

“The staff member involved has been informed that an investigation is underway, with procedural due process being afforded to that individual.

“No further information will be provided as the investigation is ongoing.”

The investigation will be a litmus test for GWIC’s approach to misconduct cases, as this represents the first time AustralianRacingGreyhound.com can recall where the Commission has investigated one of its own.

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Kellie Fogarty
Kellie Fogarty
8 months ago

Why is it that trainers are named while investigation is ongoing but GWIC staff aren’t, little unfair in opinion.

7 months ago

In Australia, we have an assumption of innocence – you are assumed innocent until proven guilty. Accusations and allegations can be very damaging when put into the public arena. As the saying goes ” mud sticks” even if you are later found innocent – GWIC seem to understand this when it is one of their own and don’t name anyone, don’t go into details and are very professional, legal and protective – when it is one of their own people. I don’t have a problem with discretion, behaving legally and decently – When it comes to the trainers however- the… Read more »

CFA Volunteer
CFA Volunteer
7 months ago

I hope he will be provided some procedural fairness….at least he will then understands what it means.