NSW Stewards Await Further Swab Irregularities

Australian Racing .com can reveal that further to New South Wales first positive swab to a banned anabolic steroid, stewards are awaiting confirmatory “B” sample testing on a further four swabs and have convened an inquiry in to a further irregular swab.

GHRRA Stewards have set down an inquiry to a positive swab taken from female greyhound Mick’s Puzzle from meeting on July 18th 2008.

Mick’s Puzzle won a 600m 5th grade race at the meeting at the Gardens and a routine urine sample was taken following the event.

That sample has subsequently shown the presence of a metabolite that would indicate the presence or prior of the banned anabolic steroid .

The trainer of Mick’s Puzzle, has been asked to attend an inquiry with GHRRA stewards set down for Wednesday 18th September 2008.

If found guilty, Mr Passfiled will become New South Wales’ second trainer to present a greyhound to race with a banned anabolic steroid in its system.

Mr Passfiled may however may not bee alone with another four swab irregularities the subject of confirmatory “B” sample testing, all for banned anabolis steroids. At least one of those swabs is known to have been taken from a male greyhound.

After two prior extensions the current rules involving a total ban of anabolic steroids came officially in to force in most states in Australia on 1st July 2008. An exemption under the rules is made for the suppression of the oestrus cycle by the anabolic steriod in bitches only.

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12 years ago

I noticed my name printed on your website as possibly the next trainer to be found with a positive to an anabolic steroid. Get your facts straight it is to a minor and most persistant metabolite of nandrolone called norepiandrosterone which can stay in a dogs system up to 100 days. Trainers and vets were not afforded enough time for these metabolites to clear bitches systems.I find it an insult that my name has been put to print before the inquiry. I have not even been found guilty or given any kind of sentence. This inquiry is still in progress… Read more »

12 years ago

Im curious were you cleared Pete?

Peter Passfield
Peter Passfield
12 years ago

Quiet simply no ,and i was never a chance. I was fined $1000 dollars for a minor metabolite of nandrolone in a bitch that was on laurabolin for 2 yrs. On vets advice we gave it 6 weeks to clear her system before we raced. We proved beyond doubt in our hearing that this metabolite could be detected for 100days. My bitch was detected with 1ng/ml or one one billionth of norepiandrosterone the most persistant metabolite of nandrolone but under the drug rule of greyhound racing “a metaboite whether it does or does not have any pharmacological effect ” is… Read more »