NSW suspend all finish on lure racing over Canine Coronavirus

Industry Update
The Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission () and Greyhound () have made the joint decision to immediately suspend finish-on- racing at .

The finish-on-lure meeting scheduled for this Sunday 15 March will now be run as a normal race meeting without the use of the finish-on-lure.

Trainers who wish to scratch their greyhounds from this Sunday’s race meeting will be permitted to do so without penalty if their reason for nominating was specifically to compete in a finish-on-lure race.

The Commission’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr , said that finish-on-lure racing at Richmond will be replaced by regular racing in attempt to reduce the spread of Canine Infectious Diarrhoea.

“Finish-on-lure racing likely increases the risk of spreading Canine Infectious Diarrhoea by potentially facilitating swapping of saliva between greyhounds,” Dr Ledger said.

With cases of Canine Infectious Diarrhoea in the Londonderry area currently awaiting testing results, the Commission will be working with the Richmond club to install a disinfection station at the track ahead of tonight’s race meeting.

“We have been liaising with clubs to ensure extra caution is taken and appropriate biosecurity measures are in place to reduce the risk of spreading the infection,” Dr Ledger said.

“We are also contacting any trainers with greyhounds from affected areas to ensure they are not showing symptoms of the infection and are fit to race.”

There have been eleven confirmed cases of Canine Infectious Diarrhoea in so far with two cases confirmed on the South Coast and nine in the Northern Rivers.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and are encouraging trainers whose greyhounds are showing symptoms to isolate their dogs to prevent them from spreading the infection and allow them to fully recover,” Dr Ledger said.

“It is vital that trainers apply this principle to trials, as they too represent a great risk for the transmission of Canine Infectious Diarrhoea”.

“I also ask that trainers get in touch with the Commission veterinary team to report any symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea so that we can arrange for appropriate testing to occur, please be considerate towards other trainers and be accountable” Dr Ledger said.

To report symptoms of Canine Infectious Diarrhoea, call the Commission on 13 49 42 or email [email protected]

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