Peter Maytom Disqualified For 8 Weeks For Caffeine Positive

() have finalised deliberations on penalty following analysts reports of the finding of and its metabolites in the urine sample taken from Runna Riley after that greyhound won a qualifying heat of a maiden series at on 21 November 2012.

Following correspondence under the protocols established relevant to the GRNSW Penalty System, trainer Peter Maytom pleaded guilty to a charge under GAR 83 (2) (a) of having presented Runna Riley for the event other than free of any prohibited substance in that the urine sample taken from Runna Riley after the event was found to contain caffeine and its metabolites , and .

After GRNSW had considered submissions from Mr Maytom on penalty, he accepted a period of disqualification of eight weeks. The penalty will commence from 23 August 2013 and expire at midnight on 17 October 2013.

In considering penalty, Stewards took into account such factors as Mr Maytom’s previously unblemished record in more than 26 years of registration, a relatively low level of the substances reported, his guilty plea and cooperation with GRNSW in determining the source of the reports.

Consideration was also given to the fact that, as a qualifying event, no prizemoney or benefit was available to connections. His contrition and acknowledgement in writing of the potential for such reports to adversely affect the image of the industry were accepted.

Also considered was the nature of this substance, which is considered to be a Category 4 substance in the prohibited substance rankings in NSW and a measure of negligence in use of a product containing caffeine without seeking advice as to its properties.

Under GAR 83 (4), Runna Riley was disqualified from the event in question and the placings amended accordingly.

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