Polls indicate Orange voters are still wary of the Nationals

INTERNAL polling has indicated Mike Baird’s reversal of the greyhound racing ban has failed to win the coalition government back any support in the electorate of Orange heading into next month’s by-election.

However, figures still indicate the National Party, which has held the seat since 1937, will retain the seat despite a swing of up to 18 per cent against them.

In order to win the seat, Labor would need a swing of 21 per cent.

Despite the polls indicating a Nationals triumph, the party has continued to drift with online bookmakers.

Nationals candidate Scott Barrett is now $1.45 to win the seat, easing out from $1.35.

Labor have firmed with bookies, with Sportsbet crunching their price into $4, having been considered a $15 chance just last month.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate, Phillip Donato, is the next best in the markets at $5, whilst any independent, such as former National Scott Barrett, is $11.

The Daily Telegraph reported Deputy Premier Troy Grant, the leader of the NSW National Party, also has a poor rating in the electorate in the aftermath of the greyhound ban scandal.

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It is believed while voters in Orange are happy Baird and Grant had back-flipped on their decision to ban the sport as of July 1, 2017, people still want to send a clear message to the government in regards to the issue.

The Orange polling revelations come as representatives from the sport attended the Australian National Field Days at Orange last week to spread community awareness for the industry, the people and the fight to overturn the ban.

Want to catch up on all the action since the ban was announced July 7? Read our comprehensive timeline of the issue.

Past Discussion

  1. BobWhitelaw  whispers abound he is not a nice man?at the field shows a few were very happy to express there feelings about him and his history. not a good feel leading up to the election,but worse fear is how many dog people will have been drawn into him? interesting to see in time.shows you always need to background check in politics.

  2. spyman BobWhitelaw  I think without the overturning of the ban the nationals would have been in serious trouble whilst the lifting of the ban may have won back some support people in country areas were not just upset about greyhound racing, many were concerned that the implications go well beyond the dog track. I think it was seen as a win for animal activism and would spur them on to start challenging all aspects of country life. Many country people who have nothing to do with greyhound racing supported us. I think any swing in a seat that has been held by the nationals for so long is a good message- don’t do anything that stupid again.

  3. spyman BobWhitelaw Maybe the Alliance should have done their homework before they  decided to endorse him ? your right my, mail is he is not well liked in Orange.

  4. Story going around the court case has been pulled and no alternate date has been asked for. Was supposed to be scheduled for Thursday 27th by all reports.

  5. Deborah555 spyman BobWhitelaw  DEB,paid a visit to a thoroughbred farm a couple of weeks back in NSW. as the conversation swung around to my hubby and my background, we openly discussed our involvement in greyhounds. we were cautious about some rebuttal,but to our surprise,the first thing that came out of one of there mouths,was the disgusting behaviour shown by Baird,and how bad the industry was treated as a whole. we openly discussed concerns shown by outsiders,and they were genuine,but not to our surprise, two things were raised in a good debate.

    1/ why are grey p[eople laying boots into horse people. they are not involved,but understand management of the industry(horse) are,but the people themselves involved in doing exactly what greys people do,are lambasted and tainted by what the heirachy do. that upsets them .

    2/and more importantly,they see that if Baird stood his ground and did not flip,the doors were well and truly opened to attack their industry,but again the cattle and farming and all the off-shoots of it.

    so people are interested,very interested in what happens with the dog decision,and just in that little group,who spoke for others in some cases,it was very obvious they were annoyed as to what has taken place in the dog industry,but more importantly,how the nationals turned on the people.that really cut deep,and the manager of the farm was  adamant that if it happens to us,it will more than likely happen to them,and there opinions were exactly the same as we have and many others have discussed on so many forums.

    so just on that small excursion to a farm,i learnt heaps about the land people . the very ones that the nats have kicked fair and square in the caboodles. and that they do not like what they see and hear.

    I felt that was very important,so I feel Orange election time,will decipher many futures,including Baird  and his off sider Grant.

    and this was backed up by obvious anger and heated feelings at the Orange field day,so I feel the people are very concerned and will vote accordingly. a huge swing it appears is very imminent.

  6. GeoffWilson Its obvious the Alliance is starting to unravel,also the Government is holding the Alliance to the commitment they made on the 9th August  2016 re the industry and if that’s the case the industry will die by stealth, and this has come about by the people who made us believe they are saving the industry (watch this space?)

  7. Deborah555 spyman BobWhitelaw Deborah, Yes, the issue in the Country Areas is the desertion of country values by the Nationals , they see The premier as they see city politicians generally as being anti-country anyway but they expect their own (on both sides of the political divide to fight for them. The Orange electorate contains three main divisions of which all have lost their greyhound tracks previously Orange’ Parkes and Forbes. Orange shifted to Bathurst and Parkes shifted to Forbes and then closed nevertheless Orange is profiling politically like lot of the Country regions  I have visited who have had greyhound and more horse activity in the past and not at present. Also the greyhound ban went down very poorly with the leading horse trainers and others in the Sydney Metropolitan Areas. The Alliance is supporting the candidates parties in the Bi-election that supported greyhound racing against the ban, The greyhound associations supporting the Alliance naturally support the alliance approach. The Country Clubs Association (NSWGRCA) also have a loyalty to the members of the Government who showed dissent in various ways of the Government’s Greyhound Ban Act. The above were generally local politicians representing the community clubs. I think that the resolution of the Country Clubs support for parties in the Orange Bi-Election should be in the form of a letter to all candidates stating what they expect from an elected member.

    All candidates (apart from the Greens) seem to be supporting the country culture and don’t be shocked if the Greens  come on side themselves, they are capable of anything. 

  8. GeoffWilson Worth checking out, can you do this and get the transcripts please and then we could talk about it ( an action like this would need orders from the court?.

  9. lone widow GeoffWilson  I don’t think the Federal court case was about our constitutional right to exist. We have that greyhound racing is legal when Baird made it illegal in NSW that could be challenged.  I don’t think there is a legal remedy that would say “you have a constitutional right to exist” under constitutional laws the Federal government can only intervene in state matters under very strict conditions. I know that some of the greyhound people I know thought that the federal government is a higher government and why didn’t they just step in but it doesn’t work like that.  From memory some of them are if the federal government has an international treaty, national security and interstate trade. Interstate trade was used to defend the industry on the grounds that if greyhound racing was legal in the other states then making it illegal in NSW would restrict interstate trade. Now that is back interstate trade can continue.

    As for the state action it would be highly unlikely for a state supreme court judge would be too critical of a high court judge even a retired one she could have gone after the counsel assisting – the action was successful it generated enough publicity to seriously damage the credibility of the report.

    Just the fact the greyhound community were prepared to even undertake legal action and when a lawyer as classy and respectable as the one they hired supports them it sends a very strong message. The ban has been overturned and we were supported in the wider community. It may be just what is termed a hollow victory to continue and very costly.

  10. spyman Deborah555 BobWhitelaw  Yes spyman I have a cattle farm I only agist cattle but I meet a lot of people in the industry and they all supported us even when they had never even seen a greyhound race. It is good that John told us that the big trainers were with us because I only saw one jockey come out in support. Two other prominent people were very unsupportive in their public comments implying they ran a great ship and it was just us. It would have been in their interests to show some public support because their lack of public support made people wonder whether they were more concerned about getting more of the tab turnover and they have a lot to lose as well if the ban stayed in place I think they would have been the next target of the activists who would argue the wastage issue there as well.  They have now yet again benefitted from our courage and work in overturning the ban, just like they benefit from the tab turnover now.

    If it was just the greyhound people objecting which I believe Baird thought would happen we might have been in trouble but anyone involved in pursuits or an industry  involving animals was worried and many people were concerned about 19000 dogs ending up on death row and many Liberals who believe liberal values were being undermined by attempting to destroy a legal business were also against Baird.

  11. John Tracey Deborah555 spyman BobWhitelaw  Yes John I think they may have all got the message and as for the Greens well I think they have taken a serious credibility dive over this but as you say they can spin on a sixpence.

  12. spyman Deborah555 BobWhitelaw  spyman I have a friend who works in a bank and she tells people she works at Coles to avoid any flak. Some  of my students were very shocked and surprised when they discovered Miss had greyhounds. One conversation always amused me. Student “Miss my Dad said he saw you at the dog track last week” “Yes that’s right Jason I go to the dogs” a few seconds silence ” no miss he said you were putting a dog in a box to race’  “Yes that’s right Jason I am a greyhound trainer”  ” You don’t look like one Miss” “what do greyhounds trainers look like? ” I don’t know miss but I didn’t think they looked like you.” Well Jason now you know they do.”

  13. GeoffWilson  Geoff, are we discussing the Mchugh report case,or the restraint of trade case?

    if the former, is it not possible that an agreement has been agreed upon to act on the 80 recommendations regardless of the original outcome(not good for our image) and that the report forms part of the forward direction needed to be taken?Baird may have used that as a defence for withdrawal of that case,providing breathing space for the ALLIANCE to carry on with that part,but being hog tied with there own recommendations. this would be seen to be a thrashing out of hurdles for further movements forward?sort of rewind 12 months. that suits Baird obviously.he agrees on doing what McHugh suggested(apart from one clause)as long as ALLIANCE agrees to its original statement. seems fair?

  14. BobWhitelaw spyman The only public endorsement for the independent I can find are on the Greyhound Knowledge Forum and information on the Australian Racing Greyhound thread.

    The alliance is backing the political parties that backed the greyhounds previously.

    cut and paste.

    Since Tuesday’s news of the Coalition government’s intention to repeal the Greyhound Prohibition Legislation a number of items have been undertaken by the Alliance.

    As communicated on October 12, the Alliance continues to work with a range of political parties, particularly around the forth coming Orange By-Election. Details of persons able to assist candidates in the region have been supplied to each party and finer details have come together for the Orange Field Days which are next week. We thank all who have offered their support.

  15. John Tracey BobWhitelaw spyman John while i appreciate  what you are saying and i believe as many greyhound participants should make their way to Orange on the day and help out.But its a BAD look when one of the leadership group of the Alliance  has told participants here in the Hunter  he won’t be going to  Orange  on the Day of By-Election he feels its a waste of time and of course that’s his personal view .In my view that shows ones poor leadership  skills  wouldn’t you agree  ?

  16. BobWhitelaw John Tracey spyman  to hell with him/her bobby. get along there and scream at the top of ya lungs,”please ignore libs and nats”….lol.

    only jesting,but worry more about what you intended to do and can do.others fend for themselves. can hardly wait for this outcome.

  17. BobWhitelaw John Tracey spyman Agreed we all have to watch ourselves LOL The “National” Independent has blown out to 16 and the National candidate has firmed to 1.38.

    Needs to be betting on exotics.

    What price Exacta’s Final Results.(Ranked in order of pre post betting on winner).



    Nats-Any (other than Labor and Shooters)


    Labor- Shooters

    Labor- Any (other than shooters and Nationals)


    Shooters Labor

    Shooters Any (except for Labor and Nationals)

    Pick Four Boxed.

    Nats-Labor-Shooters with any

    Nat-Labor-Shooters-with “Nat” Ind

    Nat-Labor-Shooters with ” Labor”  ind

    Nat-Lab-Shooters with “Nile Party”

    Nat-Lab-Shooters with Greens.

    Any other boxed combination not mentioned above

  18. spyman BobWhitelaw John Tracey manning the booths can make a big difference in area where it does not happen often.People considering changing their voting intentions for the first time appreciate support on the ground It is good the voice of people in safe seats can make a difference this time..There is nothing worse than being taken for granted.

    Likely betting patterns will become more obvious when the ticket preference are known.

    It looks to me as though the parties will do better than the independents when preferences are distributed.

  19. GeoffWilson The Alliance commitment dated 9th August that they made, is now out in the public arena, and with what i read the industry will not survive  as far as the hobby trainer is concern. The word, is, in regard to legal challenges it could be perceived a conflict of interest with a person on the panel also with the alliance? i did mention the word ” stealth”

  20. Hi to all our Victorian Brother and Sisters who are making their way to Orange to support those participants here in NSW standing on the Booths at different locations on the day  , your support in this battle has been overwhelming , once again A  BIG thank you! from  your Bothers and Sisters here in NSW. and we only do it for the love of our  Racing Greyhounds.

  21. BobWhitelaw  mate,i hope that is fair dinkum?

    if so,that shows that states are in it for the industry,not solo stating as some appear to think.

    have read some pretty awful comments about states saying to much negative crap.in my own sojourns on many forums,i have been an attacker not a defender of the BAIRD government.but there is just so much one can do.and I feel good about myself and what I do. so I don’t need no penguin waddling up and crying to me that its not our problem,its only NSW….yep that is what’s been happening on occasions,not a lot thank god,but one or two in particular should shut the …. up and accept what help,advice,opinion,whatever from inter staters as every bit counts.

    and I know some on here have been noted for their support,and that is a bloody good thing so feel good about what you have said or done. its called fighting with your brothers and sisters.a border is just that. a border. but its only a line on a map. should never stop contribution in cases as diabolical as this is.

    go get ’em bobby boy and get Orange town on the map as the town/’region that over turned a government party. one that was considered Unbeatable.

  22. spyman BobWhitelaw Anyone that is supporting you and not giving out preferences needs volunteer assistance on booths to guide voters on the preferences the greyhound people seek other than that numbers on booths count and you only need to point out the how to vote with the preferences you want. Not rocket science. Best of luck with the busses thqat go up from the hunter and elsewhere.

  23. Dubbo Daily Liberal 14.10.16  quote Closing some Greyhound  Tracks across the state would be a small price to PAY to keep the sport strong according  to Leading Dubbo trainer Charmaine Roberts is saying.She is saying the number of Tracks across the state would be reduced from 34 to 10 and 14 ,other requirements would be, to be imposed on the industry include CAPPING annual breeding to 2000 dogs ,Shane Stiff, Roberts partner and Dubbo President and Alliance member

    is also saying he has no problem with anything that’s been proposed.! Fellow Dubbo trainer Leighton Winter said he was concerned with some of the new regulations and it would be very restrictive ,also participants form tracks such as Coonabarabran ,Coonamble,Lithgow,Mudgee,Cowra, find her statements, as self interest and not what is in the best interest of the industry and she is saying its a maybe ?The reality is if a Country Track is viable why close it, these tracks contribute to the local economy and  to the social fabric that brings communities together. Its sad that some individuals think of themselves and not others that will  hurt all of us buy poor decisions .