Premier’s office says Reform Panel will consider breeding caps

A SPOKESPERSON from the Department of Premier and Cabinet has failed to acknowledge the breeding cap of 2,000 greyhound pups born per annum is off the table.

The figure was originally mentioned by the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance in its letter to Premier Mike Baird on August 9 as a part of four guarantees which the industry could commit to if the greyhound racing ban was overturned.

These guarantees on August 9 were specifically highlighted within the terms of reference for the new Greyhound Industry Reform Panel, to be led by former Premier Morris Iemma.

Despite being included in the terms of reference, the Alliance’s Brenton Scott, who is also a member of the Reform Panel, told Australian Racing Greyhound last week that the breeding cap of 2,000 pups per year was no longer valid.

“The Alliance have raised [the 2,000 breeding cap] specifically with the Premier and Deputy Premier,” Scott said.

“Since [August 9] the Alliance has taken its position to Greyhounds Australasia and has explained that the concept of a controlled breeding program needs to have a national focus.

“We need to understand what’s needed to cater for the entire national racing program at a given time and all of our planning needs to be between two and five years ahead.

“We obviously can’t breed more than we need to cater for that racing program, once we ensure the national level and the flow between states, then it will become an easier process to determine the breeding levels that should apply in each state.

“It’s not about approaching this issue from a breeding cap point of view, but approaching it from an appreciation that we shouldn’t be breeding excess to our racing needs and we shouldn’t be breeding excess to our capacity to re-home in a manner that is line with community expectations.”

However, when Australian Racing Greyhound attempted to confirm this with the Premier’s office on Monday, a spokesperson from the Department of Premier and Cabinet indicated that the cap was still set to play a part in the Panel’s considerations.

“The Government has appointed a Greyhound Industry Reform Panel to determine the new regime that will ensure greyhound racing in NSW prioritises animal welfare, has a robust governance structure and a tough independent regulator to monitor the industry,” the spokesperson said.

“The Panel will consider a number of reports including the recommendations of the Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry, as well as the industry reform guarantees regarding breeding caps put forward by the Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance in August.

“The Government will give the Panel the time it needs to complete its work.”

Past Discussion

  1. If Coleman is the RSPCA rep on the panel it will be a farce, he is more suited to don a scary clown suit, RSPCA must revert to their original charter of Prevention of cruelty to animals and not animal rights.

  2. no doubt some are cautious and wary,and need to be ,of this ‘gathered panel’.

    I am so pleased that the notable ALAN JONES and RAY HADLEY,are once again,warning and alerting the industry participants,that things are still not safe,despite the acting role well played by BAIRD and was all way to easy for them to just flip without any strings attached,so again I repeat,Orange is the next severe step you can all take.until that result is known,we,all dog people,need to not be so responsive to this baited attempt to democracy by them,and place it where it deserves to be placed…in the shit can.

    that repeal needs to be acted upon before the end of the pollies season,not next year,so please,people,bury them now with a powerful showing of support at Orange bi-election,and do not be afraid to spread your own versions to those who may be unsure of which way to vote. this is the industries biggest chance still,to show they are powerful as a group,and will not accept ad-hoc governmental organized corruption within.and a word of warning. do not be surprised if animal activists also appear by the bus loads. rumors are afoot a disruption may be warned,ok.

    answer me this if you can.

    would you have Borsak and Keniry on this panel if it was possible? I would,and I would be asking after Oranges election,for it to happen. rid te panel of a thwarter like RSPCA’s Mr. Coleman. imean really,the guy is a froot loop and radicalized as a greyhound hater.and that includes not only the entire industry,but the ANIMAL itself. heis mental this fool.

  3. Without a breeding cap there will be no change in the so-called wastage rates and no way to control the number of pups that are born and slaughtered. Lifetime tracking means nothing if dogs are killed before they are registered. Premier Baird knows this plan will fail; he has just decided to put his own political skin before principle. In his speech the day the bill passed Premier Baird said: .Mareequie the tweekys comments.

    darling sweetheart,they have to be registered even today at 3 months of age. read my writing Mareequi dearest, at 3 months. now I know some smart eyed trainers who have what we call a keen eye for a good dog,but sweetie,3months old?registered at 3 months deary. have to wait until approx.; 15-18months before they know its ability? so going on your comments my sweet uninformed darling,we would be predicting at 3 months old whether they are fast or not? as a token MP,you need to educate yourself on knowing what to say BEFORE you say it. it is called RESEARCH sweet heart. and your name alone makes me not interested in any comments you may have to say.