Prest Guilty Of Misconduct In Incident At Young

NSW Steward have today finalised an Inquiry into an alleged verbal incident involving Deborah Prest and Craig McCorkindale stemming from the Young Greyhound Racing Meeting on 5 July, 2008.

Resulting from the Inquiry Deborah Prest was charged with a breach of Rule 86(0) in that she misconducted by swearing at Craig McCorkindale in the betting area during the meeting.

Deborah Prest pleaded Guilty to the charge.

After hearing submissions on penalty, she was fined two penalty units viz, $220 and advised of her rights of Appeal.

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[…] GHRRA Stewards had found Ms Debbie Prest guilty of misconduct in respect of an incident at the Young Greyhound Race Meeting on 5 July […]