Prest says non-TAB greyhound ban is “cutting our throats”

YOUNG based greyhound trainer Vicki Prest says the decision by Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) to put on two non-TAB meetings across the entirety of NSW is not enough to meet the demands of struggling trainers.

The authority body announced the suspension of all non-TAB racing last week pending a review into track safety, animal welfare and integrity as part of the recommendations handed down by the Special Commission of Inquiry.

With the decision resulting in 18 tracks being closed indefinitely, GRNSW announced on Thursday that Richmond and Grafton will both hold non-TAB meetings on July 30.

However, Prest, who assists with the Young track, says two non-TAB meetings are not enough to support the entire state.

“There is nothing down our way,” Prest told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“Goulburn and Canberra are now getting 300 nominations… I have got dogs here which can’t get runs, it just can’t go on.

“I don’t mind travelling with the dogs, but I can’t drive all the way to Richmond for bush prize money… even if they win I wouldn’t be making any money.”

Prest said she can’t fathom why the decision to ban all non-TAB tracks was made, with her local track boasting an exceptional injury rate.

“I don’t understand it at all,” she said.

“We have got a terrific, injury-free track here and the steward’s reports and vet’s reports show that.

“We do all of our office work and integrity work, we do it right, and we are getting condemned for it.

“You and try and do the right thing and they crucify us.

“It’s just wrong and cruel.”

Young had its mandatory track inspection conducted on Wednesday, with several improvements needed before racing can resume.

However, Prest says the ‘problems’ found had never caused any issue in the track’s history and are just putting an unnecessary strain on the smaller clubs.

“We’ve got an outside fence down the straight and at the winning post it veers out and meets up with the judge’s box which is six feet off the track.

“At the judge’s box there is a cement step so they want the fence moved incase a dog runs up the step — it’s not a big job — but we have raced with it like that for 62 years and it has never caused a problem.

“It’s all do-able but it’s like they just had to find something.”

Prest says the decision to suspend greyhound racing in country areas will have a major affect on the battling trainers who haven’t done anything wrong.

“To me it is hypocritical what they are doing,” she said.

“They want us to keep our pets and I do keep most of mine. They stay here until they get sick from old age and when that happens they go to the vets to be humanely put down.

“I have 12 pets here, but I need to race my other dogs to be able to feed them.

“I only have three racing dogs… I have one little girl going well at the moment but the other two can’t get runs.

“I have nominated one of them 12 times and she still hasn’t got a run and the other bloke has been nominated five times.

“I have them both here sitting in the kennels and I just can’t afford it.

“Now they have stopped the racing, but they still want us to keep all the dogs as pets.

“What do they expect us to do? We aren’t allowed to put them down so are we supposed to let them starve to death?

“If you can’t afford to feed them, what happens to them?

“They are cutting our throats.”

Past Discussion

  1. As I said in an earlier quote on another topic, what GRNSW is doing at the behest of the Baird Government, is akin to picking wings off butterflies.

  2. DaveSampson75  The chief executive for the Ministry for Deceased Hounds (self appointed) is back. Not on this site Dave Animals Australia produce animals films for sadists check there.

  3. DaveSampson75

    I’m sure there will be Dave.  But there is a distinct likelihood that the outcome of any legal action will probably not be to your liking.  Now get off this website.

  4. BJoe DaveSampson75 Oh Im sure nothing will happen. Nothing ever does in the greyhound racing industry. Its all winks and nods and ‘Nuthin to do with me guvnor’. How the hell does someone employed at The Gardens manage to wander in with an electric cattle prod without anyone noticing. Probably all knew it was going on but it was just ‘something that happens in greyhound racing.’

  5. BJoe DaveSampson75  Yes, Dave does not get it does he? In Australia you are innocent until proven guilty before a jury of your peers and then a Judge decides your fate.

  6. DaveSampson75 BJoe  Two people are currently serving jail sentences for baiting after they were found guilty in a court of law, others are awaiting trial. Perhaps you think trial by press is a good idea I like the system we have. Animals Australia’s lawyer has of course spoken with the press. I recently read how many lawyers in NSW were “disciplined ”  almost all offences related to stealing their client’s money from trust accounts. So by her reckoning all lawyers are thieves\ and the entire industry should be abolished.

  7. DaveSampson75 Deborah555 BJoe  I am so glad you finally admitted that Dave.  I got the impression that deep down you cannot figure out why you have not been appointed leader of the known universe.You should join Mr HInch’s political party he thinks people should be tried by video as well and after he has decided they are guilty film a mob of vigilante’s at the alleged victim’s home. Luckily the legal system sent him a fairly strong message that despite his belief he could act as jury, judge and executioner- he could not.

    What interests me is that why you think you are so important that the entire greyhound industry should account to you for their actions.

  8. DaveSampson75 BJoe  Actually Dave I have done a bit of checking and four trainers have reported this person to the appropriate authorities and nothing was done. This video has apparently been in existence for four years, so for four years the authorities have been aware of it and done nothing and possibly allowing this person to continue this practice. Now because Baird wants to ban racing the evidence has surfaced. The authorities could have done something about it four years ago. They did not care, now they do, not because a greyhound was harmed but because it is politically expedient. If after due process of the law this person is found guilty they will receive no sympathy from any other trainer.

  9. DaveSampson75  During the live baiting investigations, when you were happy to demonise greyhound trainers, and many, many people were prepared to be utterly outraged and vent their spleen all over social media sites, it was alleged that a 12 year old boy had been abused by his stepfather with a cattle prod and yet I did not see a single voice on social media raised showing any concern about this boy. So it seems that the anti racing mob think it is wrong to use a cattle prod on a dog ( it is wrong without question) but using it on a young boy didn’t seem to even cross their radar. No, Dave most of the anti racing mob do not love greyhounds and horses they just don’t like other people.

  10. John Tracey BJoe  I agree John the old saying “keep  your friends close and your enemies even closer” It’s good to know what the anti mob really think and what their arguments are so you can refute them. BJoe how about we just put a world limit on him. he is obviously a bit older than Davo and Aaron they appear to be the “tweeting generation” used to keeping to a set number of characters and don’t waffle on too much and given they have no facts or proper information they don’t take up too much time and space.

  11. Deborah555 DaveSampson75 Deborah, you are conflating two separate issues. This is a greyhound racing board. If there exists such a story about a stepfather abusing his stepson with a cattle prod (which is nowhere to be found by the way), it would be appropriate for you to raise the issue at a site devoted to child abuse. 

  12. I received your reply in my inbox Marion but it is not appearing on my screen when I log onto this site. I can assure you the story was written and I of course noticed it because my concerns and work have been with children who are mistreated. It is on my radar. I found it sad that the article got very little media time but the outspoken anti racing group get constant air time. I would like to see the same publicity and air time devoted to improving the lives of children..

    Do you do anything about animal welfare Marion aside from logging on and having a go at racing people? Are you an animal welfare person who actually helps animals or one of those animal activists who arrogantly make the rest of the planet “aware” of things that they already know about assuming you and your like minded friends are the only people who know anything and can if they rant enough on the internet can change the world and run it the way they would like.

  13. Hey Hughie & Dave,

    Have you read the news about the Pelorus Island Goat & Dingo Massacre?  I know its a bit off topic, but would like to hear your thoughts given that the event is being dealt with as an environmental situation.

  14. Deborah555 Is this post in response to the cattle prod suggested crime on a 9 year old child and puppies in New Mexico or is it a recent case in Australia.. If the greyhound case mentioned by Dave is proven to exist then I suggest that the people involved be permanently housed in an institution for the insane. If the Premier of NSW and his Minister for Racing think that there is a widespread problem with dog electrifying then they should join consider being institutionalised further themselves. Interestingly the article shows the innocent in a bad light but protects the persons being investigated. Obviously no one should be demonised until the case carries a formal charge but then politics is all about timing. Interestingly the press release shows that the independent inquiry is being instructed and that the Gardens Racetrack is owned by the Government. I thought that the Gardens funded through purchases through the industries independent capital fund. The use of batteries (cattle prods or electrified batons were common at one time in the horses. One of the woman Interstate Jockey’s at least in riding today after serving a sentence for using prods on race horse. Cattle prods have featured in animal welfare inquiries in the past but never ingreyhounds. Also the press article on the above greyhound story mentions that the video evidence refers to a time when the NCA had control of the Gardens which was a considerable time ago.

    newcastle herald greyhound cattle prod  (may need to google entry).

  15. John Tracey Deborah555  There was a recent Australian case it was only briefly mentioned in the press -I presume some defence lawyer might have got on the job and threatened the odd editor. I noticed it because I have spent much of my working life doing what I could for abused children -I would just like to see the same air time devoted to improving the lives of children as the hysterical anti racing groups get.

  16. John Tracey Deborah555  I was reading about one of the more outspoken anti greyhound racing people  in Ireland – she was claiming all the old dog trainers were giving their greyhounds  Viagra and she  knew this because one had accidently given it to himself. I couldn’t  stop laughing. I could just see an aging Irish dog trainer going into the chemist, at the request of his wife , and saying “oh it’s not for me I don’t have any problems in that area it’s for my greyhound. Yeah we believe you. Yes I am sure most of the Viagra is “accidently” taken by the trainers.

  17. BJoe  I would have thought that was obvious BJoe if the person who authorised it needs the support of the environmental lobby  to pass legislation or keep their seat in parliament at the next election it is purely environmental no cruelty whatsoever.  I don’t think these anti racing people realise Baird is just using them to get support from the environmental lobbyists and animal welfare pollies trying to keep his majority in the parliament. Why wasn’t there photos of 6000 brumbies in the press, captioned with Baird the Brumby Killer?  The greyhound trainers haters group would explain it as he didn’t cause the problem he was just cleaning up and therefore killing is justified. To me killing is killing intellectual semantics about justifying it are just hypocritical.

  18. BJoe  PS Fair go BJoe you have already asked them to give you the figures for pups born and if a High Court Judge couldn’t wade through the records and just had to guess these pair will be will be very busy especially if they are in the uni bar eating some sort of fart producing food and although I don’t really know whether Hugh drinks  I think it would be a safe bet that Dave does. You couldn’t possibly make some of the statements he does sober.