Record number of greyhounds rehomed in Sydney

A RECORD number of ex-racing dogs have been re-homed at a day in Sydney.

Hundreds of people poured through the gates at on Saturday to meet and greet the animals, as tensions continue to simmer over a landmark decision to outlaw greyhound racing in .

Of the 40 greyhounds up for grabs, 39 were adopted and one fostered out, with another 100-odd people registering interest for dogs further down the track.

“We’ve never had 40 (dogs) before and usually when we do have 30 we generally struggle to find them all homes,” Greyhounds as Pets spokesman Michael East told AAP.

“We had a heap of people register their interest so we’ll be following them up on Monday.”

The adoption day came after the NSW government this week refused to back down on its decision to ban greyhound racing after meeting industry leaders.

Premier and his deputy will pump an estimated $30 million into helping the industry through the ban after meeting with owners and breeders.

Mr Baird said he had no choice but to scrap the sport after an found up to 68,000 ‘uncompetitive’ greyhounds had been slaughtered in the past 12 years and nearly one-in-five trainers used live animal baits.

NSW natural resources commissioner Dr John Keniry will co-ordinate the end of the industry and guide the distribution of funds.

However, NSW Greyhounds Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association chief executive Brenton Scott insists legal options to fight the ban are still being explored.

Meanwhile, community members and their canine companions are preparing to rally in Sydney on Sunday in support of the .

Another Sydney greyhound adoption day has been scheduled for next month.

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4 years ago

Glad to see so many dogs adopted.

However I was expecting to see a petition  against the closing down of the sport, not there

parking wasn’t open, no seats except the grass

quite a few other breeds there

without parking, the majority of people could only be locals, and most of those locals don’t have enough room to swing the proverbial cat in their yard, if they do have a yard

Next time, a western Sydney venue should be used (we have yards)

4 years ago

It costs the taxpayer too much p/year to regulate and police this industry. …”Greyhounds are bred in vast numbers in order to find a few dogs who can race”… It is true! The industry destroyed some 68,000 greyhounds because they were too slow to race. Do understand that the action is no better than “Puppy Milling” and that Australian greyhound industry has mass grave sites on many farms of this “milling” production of greyhounds for the industry, including google earth “able to see(photograph) from space”, piles of dead dogs and grader holes on farms. The greyhound industry estimates it is a 300… Read more »

4 years ago

Thinking about this , I don’t believe it.

I arrived at 12.40

There were less than 10 dogs on  course.

Many of those were already adopted dogs

So, in 2 hours 40 minutes, 39 dogs “were adopted”

Who were they adopted to?, what checks were made to the suitibilty of those adopting them?

kenneling provisions,, security, health, sanity of the adopters?

imo, it was just BS


4 years ago

sparklingspear Why would you expect to see a petition against closing down the sport? Rather bizarre logic flow you have there.