Two More Confirmed Positive Swabs In NSW

have recieved confirmatory “B” samples back on two more positives swabs to in the wake of the new rules banning their use.

As reported recently, had scheduled an inquiry in to a positive swab from greyhound, Mick’s Puzzle from a race at The Gardens in July 2008, and were awaiting confirmatory “B” sample testing on another four swab irregularities, all for banned Anabolic Steroids.

Two of those “B” samples have now been tested and both have confirmed the presence of Anabolic Steroids.

No dates have yet been set for the these two new positive swabs as GHRRA Stewards are awaiting confimation the trainers concerned have been notified of the positive “B” sample report.

Meanwhile Greyhounds Queenland Stewards are still awaiting “B” sample confirmation on the two irregular swabs reported two weeks ago.

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