What social media had to say about Mike Baird’s ban reversal

TUESDAY, October 11, 2016, will go down in the history books as a monumental day in Australian politics.

It is a day when public, media and political pressure caused the Premier of NSW, Mike Baird, to announce he would backflip on his plans to ban the greyhound racing industry.

For many, it was a welcome decision after three long months of grief and desperation, with tens of thousands of people trying to comprehend that their passion and livelihoods would soon be ripped away.

For others, questions then turned to the new oversight body, to be led by former Premier Morris Iemma, and what restrictions and regulations would be put in place for the sport.

Others, such as animal welfare liberationists, flew into mayhem, outraged by the backflip.

Whatever side of the fence you sit; everyone can appreciate that it was a staggering move.

Below we have recapped some of the reactions from a variety of different groups, all expressing their thoughts on Baird’s ban reversal.

Adam Rozenbachs

The stand up comedian poked fun at the Premier who has flipped on the greyhound issue, but is still copping criticism for his lock-out laws in Sydney.

Tommy Berry

The top jockey, who has formerly been involved in the sport as an owner, congratulated the industry on having the ban overturned. Berry also expressed his disappointment in the original decision on July 7 and shared a petition with his followers to get the ban reversed.

Andrew Clennell

Clennell has been a champion for the dishlickers since the ban was announced, pressuring Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier Troy Grant to reverse the contentious decision.

He wrote another article following the backflip announcement on what lies next for the industry.

Mehreen Faruqi

Ah, how quickly politicians can turn on each other.

The Greens MP slammed Mike Baird for his backflip, having voted in favour of the ban when legislation was passed just weeks ago.

“Premier Baird kept saying that his personal convictions about animal welfare cruelty have not changed, but what is the point of principles if he refuses to put them into action?  We have seen a gutless premier sign the death warrant on thousands of greyhounds today.”

Someone’s not happy…

Luke Foley

The hero for greyhound racing. Luke Foley has copped a stack of criticism from animal rights lobbyists, but he fought for the good people of the industry and had a major part in getting the ban overturned.


Whilst they have failed to make a statement about the reversal on social media, the RSPCA have told the Sydney Morning Herald it may decline an offer to be on a panel which would set standards for the future of greyhound racing.

Chris Murphy

The prominent Sydney lawyer has never been afraid to voice his distain for the ban – including for the politicians who enforced it. Naturally, he had a bit of fun calling out Baird and Grant on Tuesday night after the backflip.

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Past Discussion

  1. The question i ask Parliament is sitting why don’t he amend the Bill before the Orange By-Election or after the Election there could be another Back Flip .Baird and Grants form suggest another back flip is on the Cards,remember the Bill says July 1 industry shall close

  2. How quickly the outrageous cruelty is all but forgotten. Over 4000 dogs will be killed this year. Because they are too old or slow.  The industry better start taking care of their own (dogs) and not lean on the community groups to do their dirty work.  Grubs

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if the RSPCA refused to be involved what a great day that would be for greyhound racing. I don’t condemn them for killing thousands of unwanted dogs- nasty job but sadly some-one has to do it but WELFARE let’s not kid ourselves  you are the government killing machine for unwanted animals. “Disappointed”- good so were we when you were prepared to demonise greyhound people and support a ban that would have resulted in 19000 greyhounds ending up in death row at your place.

    Mehreen bad luck baby even anglo Australians have rights,

    Lynny and her lawyer ” we will continue to pursue this industry”- we expect nothing less who in their right mind would give up those millions in tax free donations not one cent of them spent on an animal.

  4. Mad Panda RSPCA are pretending to have character or beliefs,Principles,etc. with the death of over 20000 animals a year .Of the 4000 you claim that are killed this year, 98% of your claim are dogs that are not Greyhounds , this Mob made over a Million dollars in profit last financial year with the help of the State Government so this outrageous cruelty claim by you should aimed at them  and stop plucking figures out of your arse , you fly blown Maggot.

  5. RSPCA has joined the Animal Rights Brigade their charter is for Animal Welfare, after digesting the comments from the anti’s no wonder cruel organisations like Animals Australia thrive sad indictment on these tofu eating tools.

  6. A coup de grace with compensation or or a slow strangulation with no recompense.  Congratulations – you’ve now  got the latter.  I’d be jumping ship quick smart if I were you – it’s only a matter of time before most of you will be forced out anyway, so best to jump ship now while your investment is still worth something.

  7. Bad Apples  Bad apples this  comment was posted on the Guardian comment page by marion purnell and we all now what motivates marion don’t we dear – a desperate need to prove how clever she is. 

    I can assure you we can thrive regardless of reduced breeding in fact we think it is a great idea, less tracks only one bad apples wentworth park is the one they want closed and sold of course and you know what bad apples we are not real worried about that either no one wants to drive through the city anyway and because we have a nice big contract that will require compensation due to the breaking of lease arrangement it should all work out nicely for everyone as well. And the welfare bonds well I have a dog that has won me half a million dollars that will not be a problem. Most people who train are hobby trainers and they make enough or have enough money to pay 1500 dollars they would have spent at least ,000 getting it to the track so if you can find that you can find . The big trainers- no problem tax deduction.

  8. Deborah555 Bad Apples  Very flattering of you to compare me to Ms Purnell but keep guessing. You never know, you might get it right eventually. Debs, it will be country tracks that close, not Wenty. There will be a drastic drop in breeding numbers to go along with less tracks and less races and less prize money.  Consequence – people leaving the industry in droves.  It’s not rocket science.

  9. Bad Apples Deborah555  Could be Davo (he might be an AA wack job but he does at least have a sense of humour ” bad apples”  or Aaron but it had too  many words for him and he doesn’t know how to use capitals, not likely to be ironchariots ( did you see his comment on the guardian the other day about aliens in the sky causing the death of millions- must have forget to take his meds ) but it doesn’t really matter because whoever it was must have done a cut and paste job on her comments and that’s fair enough at least she can string a sentence together even if it is shyt at least it is generally free of spelling errors which is always refreshing.

  10. Deborah555 Bad Apples Dear Debs five hundred and fifty five, from someone like you hiding behind a pseudonym, playing a guessing game of who I am is a tiny bit rich.  ha ha

  11. Bad Apples Deborah555  Know that is my name Deborah and what you have Bad apples on your birth certificate do you? That must have been a bit embarrassing at roll call at school maybe that’s why you are so bitter – move on you lost,  sore loser animal activism is now on the nose in NSW racing here to stay never actually went anyway. Not my problem if you are poor work harder and spend less time on the internet.

  12. Bad Apples  PS half a million is nothing compared to what others make they make millions I am relatively poor compared to some of the trainers it is just an urban myth we are all poor track suits are not an indication of your asset pool.