Will the Nationals overturn the greyhound racing ban?

THE future of Premier Mike Baird’s controversial ban on greyhound racing may be known as early as next week, with reports circulating the NSW Nationals Party are trying to formulate a new plan to reverse the ban prior to a party room meeting next Monday.

The move comes as the public continues to voice its concern with the Nationals, with many people feeling the party has abandoned its constituents in regional areas by supporting the ban.

MPs are now keen to contain the fallout from the ban and are hoping to avoid damage to the party’s support in the seat of Orange ahead of the by-election on November 12.

The Nationals have held the seat since 1937, however recent polls have indicated, at the very least, that a massive swing against the Party is on the cards.

While some MPs are said to be pushing for a complete reversal of the ban, The Australian reported other MPs had considered lodging a bill which would amend the legislation to grant a five-year extension, with specific targets in place for both breeding and welfare improvements.

Additionally, the amendment would also include a sunset clause which would see the legislation dissolved at the end of five years if the industry had complied with the aforementioned targets.

This plan would give Premier Baird the opportunity to demonstrate to the public that the government is willing to listen to the public on important issues without completely back-flipping on the ban.

Monday’s party room meeting is also set to put Deputy Premier and head of the Nationals, Troy Grant’s leadership to the test, with senior MPs John Barilaro and Paul Toole said to be sounding out support to contest for leadership.

Grant is expected to present a report on the compensation package to being proposed for the greyhound industry at the meeting, with reports suggesting he could face a leadership showdown as early as Tuesday morning if some sort of reversal is not proposed.

MPs are expected to spend the upcoming weekend in negotiations in regards to a single contender to put forward if the meeting on Monday night fails to see a consensus reached on the ban.

The Australian also reported that while some MPs are arguing that Grant has no option than to stand down, others are saying his position at the helm is salvageable if he is willing to compromise or back down on his support of the ban.

The reports surrounding the Nationals party come as NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley announced the Labor Party will introduce a new legislation to overturn the ban next Tuesday when parliament resumes.

Meanwhile, support for the industry continues to grow, with political commentator Paul Murray hosting a broadcast of his show Paul Murray Live from the Bathurst greyhound track on Thursday night.

A recent poll conducted by Australian Racing Greyhound indicated that 93 per cent of polled participants and supporters of the industry want the ban overturned, whilst just seven per cent argued that an extension on the ban would be fair.

Past Discussion

  1. A five year extension is crap. Baird knows that any momentum we have gained will be lost in five years time.

    The sleazy pr….k just won’t lie down.

  2. That’s right 93% want the ban over turned , an extension is a excuse for Baird and Grant is to justify their Blunder in the first place and hope for a soft landing politically ,the bastards have already question our intelligence. As Robert Borsak said to-day don’t fall for their BULL SH*T

  3. One Person from the alliance has taken upon himself to do a deal with the Baird Grant government with a back flip on the Ban ,but its only a half of a back flip ! part of the deal is that we the Greyhound Industry STAY AWAY from the Orange By- Election , this alliance member is the same person who ask a NAT member to Coonamble,  this Nat supported the Ban, talk about Hypocrisy , well, this Grub don’t speak for me and i’ll be at ORANGE full stop .

  4. BobWhitelaw Bob, It is incumbent on everyone in the greyhound industry in NSW to be in Orange in November.

    Is this bloke campaigning for Troy Grant?

  5. BobWhitelaw  Any national party member who makes statements like ” I don’t agree with the ban but there is nothing I can do” cannot be trusted to fight for his constituents on any issue.  Weak as —–.

  6. The ABC is currently reporting a survey showing that people are in favour of the ban (yes apparently half the 800 or so respondents said that) it was organised by the RSPCA- I couldn’t stop laughing – they must be getting desperate. Next poll will be conducted at the headquarters of Animals Australia because they will be the only people left who will agree with them.

  7. lone widow BobWhitelaw  I think Grant is on political death row the only thing not yet decided  is the final warrant. They will either get rid of him next week, or later or the voters will remove him. Baird might be able to rescue himself if he overturns the ban but Grant is gone. No one forgives a class traitor. Grant is supposed to represent regional and rural Australia.  Baird has a nice blue ribbon seat but if the Nationals go down along with the liberals in marginal seat he will be in trouble as well. If they think they are in trouble now once thousands of dogs arrive at the rehoming places and the RSPCA and get put down they will have a political nightmare on their hands.

  8. BobWhitelaw  I have not heard anything about this but I am always cautious I am pretty sure that the stories about country tracks being closed was part of the agenda to convince National party members with tracks in their electorates that they were wasting their time not supporting the ban. Didn’t work though. They are not going to stop anyone going to Orange probably more people would go and people who are not involved in racing but object to the way it was all carried out will be even more pissed off.

  9. BobWhitelaw This Grub is trying to save his mates in the Nats he advised , no more comments on social media and no go to Orange what does that tell you ?

  10. lone widow Deborah555  I got a phone call from the RSPCA selling raffle tickets the other day I said no thanks I already donate to a greyhound rehoming place. I like my money to go to people who use it all to rehome animals. I cannot believe this organisation which is doing sadly a necessary job but it is still a killing machine has the hide to side with Baird. What they want to put down thousands of greyhounds next July do they?

    Recently in Vic the government has told them to back off on political campaigns. A serious campaign about desexing animals like they use to do might be a better idea than conducting surveys of dubious scientific quality.