Graeme Bate Fined $1000 For Diclofenac Positive Swab, Loses 2011 Darwin Cup On Appeal

The Northern Territory Greyhound were advised that the sample taken from the greyhound, Tonneli Bale at Greyhound meeting held on 25 July 2011, had, upon analysis, shown the presence of the drug Diclofenac.

The relates to Tonneli Bale’s run in the 2011 heats when a dominant eight length winner in 30.78, the fastest of the heats and track record time.

Diclofenac in a non steroidal anti-inflammatory () most commonly present in the human arthritis preparation, Voltaren.

The trainer of the greyhound Tonneli Bale, Mr Graeme Bate, was advised of the findings and a hearing was conducted.

Stewards found Mr Bate guilty of breaching Greyhound Australasia’s Rule 83 (2) and fined Mr Bate $1,000.

In accordance with rule R83 (4) Tonneli Bale was disqualified from the Event and pursuant to R83 (5) (b), Tonneli Bale was also disqualified from the final of the Darwin Cup conducted at Winnellie Park on 29th July 2011.

Consequently, the 2011 Darwin Cup winner became the trained Velocity Regina, earning connections the $25,000 first prizemoney. Cold Fusion for finished second, and Tony Brett’s other finalist Queen Of Cyprus finished third. Velocity Regina will now also be credited with the Darwin 537m track record.

Mr Bate subsequently lodged an appeal against this decision with the Darwin Greyhound Association Appeals Committee.

On 9 January 2012, the Appeals Committee heard Mr Bate’s appeal and as per section 145E (2) of the Racing and Betting Act referred the matter back to Stewards for a rehearing.

After further investigations, Stewards determined that there was no additional evidence or reason to vary their original decision.

Mr Bate was advised that the fine and subsequent return of the $25,000 must be made within 14 days.

Stewards directed the Darwin Greyhound Association to refund Mr Bate’s deposit.

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