Victorian Greyhound Trainers Shun Platinum Paws Series

Victorian greyhound trainers have demonstrated their disatisfaction with the Platinum Pawes Series by voting with their feet and not nominating for the series.

In what must be a very disappointing outcome for New Zealand greyhound authorities, nominations of just a handful of dogs were received by the GRV for New Zealand’s richest ever greyhound race.

The State’s two metropolitan tracks – Sandown Park and The Meadows – were each to conduct a qualifying event to determine the two Victorian representatives. However, insufficient nominations were received to even conduct one these events.

As a result, Greyhound Racing Victoria’s grading department has selected the two greyhounds to represent each track based on nominations. Current form and overall record of the greyhounds were considered.

The greyhounds selected are as follows:

The Meadows – COSMIC PHARAOH (trained by Darren Brown)
Sandown Park – QUE SERA SERA (trained by Angela Langton)

Both greyhounds will be seeded directly into the semi-finals of the Platinum Paws on Friday October 10th.

No word yet fron GRNSW as to how they intend to determine their representatives for the series, but two Australian state representatives and 6 New Zealand heat qualifiers in each semi-final are to be seeded directly in to the Platinum Paws Semi Finals.

New Zealand Authorities had determined that Australian greyhounds would seeded in as follows :

  • VIC 2 greyhounds
  • NSW 2 greyhounds
  • QLD 1 greyhound
  • SA 1 greyhound
  • WA 1 greyhound
  • TAS 1 greyhound

The Platinum Paws Series organisers had left it to the respective Australian jurisdictions to determine
how the each State representative greyhound would be selected.

Victoria’s GRVhad proposed the Free For All special events be run at Sandown Park and The Meadows with each respective winner gaining selection for the Platinum Paws Series, but Victorian greyhound trainers have universally shunned the concept by refusing to nominate.