On Coin Returns To The Track At Cannington

Saturday night is the night that not only , but the entire greyhound community, have been waiting for; the return of WA's most exciting chasers On Coin.

After a horrific fall on the 18th of January many, including Crossley himself, doubted On Coin would ever make it back to the track, but after almost three months on the sidelines On Coin makes his return in the heats.

“He injured his inside shoulder; the muscle ripped off the bone. It wasn't as serious as what we first thought, I thought he had broken his leg and was finished.” Trainer John Crossley explained.

“We got told early on that he would take around four months to get back, so he has done really well to get to were he is now. If we didn't put him around on Saturday night the next race for him would be in the Free To All with the top dogs. If he doesn't win in his next few races it will at least harden him up. He may not get through this series, but it will prepare him for the other WA bred races coming up.”

Recovery started the next day for a very sore On Coin after his fall, keeping him as quiet as possible was of high importance for Crossley and once he started to move around a bit more Crossley make the decision to swim his chaser back from injury.

“I first put him in the pool three weeks after the injury because he couldn't really walk. Swimming him in the pool made him work a lot harder in the front. He started off doing about five minutes then I worked him up to doing about 12; after 12 minutes of swimming I would be knackered! That went on for two and a half weeks.”

“We did plenty of walking after he finished in the pool. Later along the line I started working him, I left it up to him as to how much he wanted to do; if he wanted to run he would. He told me when he was ready to go again.”

On Coin will exit from box two on Saturday night in the second heat of the Lew Dorsa Memorial Heats with old rival jumping out of box four.

“He will have to run a lot faster in his race then he did in his solo trial, I think Zelemar Fever will donkey lick them the way she is going!”

“If he wasn't against Zelemar Fever I would be a little bit more confident, for his first race back I would be pleased if he placed and made it through to the final.”

Heat One (8.12pm Perth time)

Star Recall will start $2.30 favourite in the first heat jumping from box seven. She is a very speedy bitch, clocking a personal best time of 30.28 only a few weeks back. To be in the race, Star Recall needs to use her early speed to her advantage by leading the field early and hope Magpie Bob and Hillbilly Flash get held up to prevent a late surge.

Hillbilly Flash for trainer is currently paying $3.80 from box four. He has stopped the clock at 30.30 and isn't worried by the box draw considering he has had five starts in the blue rug for three wins. He is much the same as Star Recall and will need to make his mark on the race early to win his place in the final.

David Hobby's chaser Magpie Bob ($14.00) has drawn the favourable box one, although this dog is yet to win from his three starts back from an injury induced spell late last year, it's impossible to count him out of any race. His strength is his best asset, so expect him to be thundering home.

Heat Two (8.27pm Perth time)

Zelemar Fever will start the $2.00 favourite from box four after stopping the clock in a more than impressive 30.08 from box three last week. It's hard to see her struggling in this field, especially if she jumps like she did last week.

On Coin is currently paying $3.20 to win his first start back from injury after trialling 30.54 in his 's trial last week, he can only improve on his run. He is know for missing the start and finding any possible route to the lead and it would be hard to imagine him running any other way.

Proven Will for has the more then favourable box one paying $4.50. He has won seven times from this box in his career, so it gives him the helping hand he will need if he is going to come close to Zelemar Fever and On Coin.

Heat Three (8.42pm Perth time)

Paul Stuart's chaser Astronomic has slid under the spotlight the last two weeks and he is a more then talented chaser, clocking a personal best time of 30.23 just over a month ago. Box one seems to be a good box for him, winning on two out of three occasions. He needs to make the most of the inside box draw because he will have strong chasers Reverberate and Luba Monelli coming home well.

Luba Monelli (box seven) drops down in distance for the Lew Dorsa heats paying $5.50 to win the race. She has been in top form, but has failed to finish first past the post her last two starts with the freakish Takahashi proving too strong for her. Before up in distance Luba Monelli flew around the 530 so expect her to settle back into the distance pretty quickly.

Saving Bundles (box three) is the dog that is always up and about come feature race time and last year she finished second behind Boss Coin in the Lew Dorsa Final. The only issue coming into the race will be her strength with her last two starts over 's 490 metre distance, so she may not hit line as strong as what she usually does.

Heat Four (9.02pm Perth time)

In the last heat Te Amo is set to start $2.10 favourite. She is a super quick beginner but tends to tire slightly when heading to the line. If Te Amo is to take out this race she will have to make sure she leads Gone To Heaven by a decent margin heading into the first bend.

Gone To Heaven (box four) is fresh off her first feature race win, the . She is a very speedy bitch over the 530, stopping the clock at 30.23 in her 5th career start. She has hit her form again and it's only a matter of time before she starts recording some scary times.

Dannie Bale has also recorded some decent times around . Of late he seems to be falling short of the extremely high standard of dog that WA is currently blessed with, but in saying that it's impossible to count him out of the race because on his night he can fly.

“I think the two of Paul Stuart's will go alright, Astronomic and Hillbilly Flash. The Recall bitches are classy too, but Zelemar Fever and Gone To Heaven are the two dogs to beat in the heats.”

All eyes will be on the return of one of WA's favourite chasers, On Coin, come race five. It will be an amazing site to see him grace Cannington's racetrack again with his come from behind style that onlookers love.

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