Des Gilroy Fined $100 For ………… We Have No Idea

Greyhounds Queensland Stewards have just released details involving an “incident” that occured at an Albion Park greyhound meeting in early June 2009.

New South Wales greyhound trainer Des Gilroy has been hauled before Greyhounds Queensland Stewards for an “incident” at the Greyhound Trainers entrance gate at Albion Park.

Exaclty what the incident was, who knows? This particular report highlights the disturbing trend of issuing Stewards Inquiry reports, that in essence say nothing and leave every inquiry and “incident” open to speculation, interpretation and innuendo .

Its not just Greyhounds Queensland Stewards that are guilty of this, but Greyhound Racing Victoria Stewards have recently also been guilty of the same offence.

Hopefully someone, somewhere will get the message through to them that in the interests of transparency and racing integrity in general, they would be far better served issuing Stewards Inquiry reports that actually detail why the inquiry was held in the first place. Citing an “incident” is nowhere near good enough.

If its too much trouble to have to write up a reasonable, logical and transparent Steward Inquiry report, then perhaps they should just release the Stewards Inquiry transcript. It would make far more sense than what we’re currently being offered.

Anyway, back to the “incident” at hand, it seems Murwillimbah based greyhound trainer Des Gilory did, said or didn’t do or didn’t say something to someone at the greyhound trainers entrance gate to Albion Park on the 2nd June 2009.

Because Mr Gilroy did, said or didn’t do or didn’t say something to someone at that time, he was required to haul himself back to Brisbane on the 18th June 2009, where Greyhounds Queensland Stewards took evidence from himself and Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club employee Mr. David Sigston, along with a written statement from Christi Ann Lombe, whomever she or he maybe.

At the Stewards Inquiry Mr Gilroy pleaded guilty to the fact that he did, said or didn’t do or didn’t say something to someone and was consequently given a warning and fined $100.

This case should serve as a important warning to anyone considering doing, saying, not doing or not saying something to someone at any greyhound racing track in Queensland.

Past Discussion

  1. Things have not changed in Qld.A certain steward thinks he is god and does as he pleases. I copped it 10 years ago and left Qld to race. If it keeps going way it is wont matter be no racing up there.