Felgate Gives Away Training To Become A Qld Director

The Directors of Greyhounds Queensland Limited (GQL) today appointed Mr. Paul Felgate to the Board of GQL. A vacancy existed due to the resignation of Mr. Phil Bennett in July.

Acting Chair Ms. Kerry Watson said she believed Mr. Felgate’s appointment would be a popular choice within the industry, and Felgate’s decision to surrender his trainers licence is sure quell any potential conflict of interest or criticism of his appointment.

Paul Felgate has been involved in the industry as an owner, trainer, breeder and studmaster for the past 30 years and a successful businessman in his own right with his company Brandons Electrical.

Paul’s industry knowledge and business background would prove a great asset to GQL and the industry.

As a result of Mr. Felgate’s appointment to the Board of GQL, licences he previously held with GQL have been surrendered and will retain his owner’s registration as permitted under the Constitution and Racing Act 2002.

Mr. Felgate will take up the position of Director effective immediately.

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