Fine Only For Queensland Greyhound Theobromine Swab

Greyhounds Queensland have just released details of a positive swab inquiry in a Rockhampton greyhound to the drug Theobromine.

In the last twelve months both New South Wales and Queensland have been the source of multiple positive swabs to Theobromine, some due to food contamination.

Those positives prompted a warning to greyhound trainers from Greyhounds Queensland, and an
On the 12th June 2009, Greyhounds Queensland Stewards held a Stewards Inquiry in relation to the urine sample taken from the greyhound Stealthy Style which competed on the 6th May 2009 at the Rockhampton
Greyhound Racing Club in Race 2 (placed 1st) and subsequently returned positive to the drug Theobromine.

Stewards directed Mr. Darren Taylor of Bouldercombe the Trainer of the greyhound at the time of the race to appear.

Evidence was taken from Mr. Taylor.

Stewards charged the Trainer under R 83 (2) (a) (d) which states;

  • (2) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound
  • (a) nominated to compete in an Event
  • (d) shall present the greyhound free of any drug

Mr. Taylor pleaded guilty.

Mr. Taylor was fined $275.

Stewards also disqualified the greyhound from its winning run.