GQL Dimisses Mackay’s Dog Death Row Claims

Queensland’s peak greyhound racing body is calling on Mackay region greyhound owners to move away from sensationalist claims that they will have to put down their dogs and instead look at a range of other available options.

The Mackay Greyhound Racing Club is to be deregistered next month after failing to adequately respond to a show cause notice for its continued operation.

Recent media reports are suggesting some Mackay region greyhound owners may put down dogs that can no longer race.

Greyhounds Queensland in conjunction with GAP (Greyhounds Adoption Program) are urging dog owners to look more closely at the many alternatives on offer.

Co-ordinator of Brisbane’s GAP Kirsty O’Brien agreed that the dogs are bred to race but stated the greyhound breed is actually one of the friendliest and most low maintenance family pets available.

“There are many options available to these dogs including racing at other clubs, selling to other owners to race, keeping them as a pet, finding an alternative loving owner or applying to our Greyhound Adoption Program,” said Ms O’Brien.

“Dog owners have a responsibility to their pet when they purchase the animal and in the unfortunate circumstance that the dog can no longer race, does not mean it is worthy of being killed,” she said.

The GAP program is currently located in Brisbane and Townsville and is a Greyhounds Queensland initiative to support and care for those greyhounds that can no longer race.
The program is designed to assess the animals, place them into foster care and match them to appropriate loving families.

“GAP is an excellent option for the dogs however due to our low staff numbers, we just cope with a large influx of dogs at once,” said Ms O’Brien.

“Our program is predominately run by volunteers who give up their time to ensure these dogs find a loving home, so we are urging animal lovers to lend a hand with our program as we currently have a waiting list,” she said.

Greyhounds Queensland and the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) are urging Mackay owners to provide ongoing care for their animals and to get in touch with the Greyhound Adoption Program to discuss available options.

The Mackay Club will be deregistered as of the 30th June, 2009 due to its continued low greyhound racing nominations, limited registered participant rates, declining race day patronage and low turnover.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the GAP program or enrolling your greyhound, please make contact today.

For further information, visit and

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