Greyhounds Queensland Stops Gold Coast Bid Dead

The Board of Greyhounds Queensland has today effectively buried the Gold Coast Greyhound Racing Club by formally delicencing the club.

Despite the Gold Coast’s Parklands track having been closed now for over 12 months now, the redundant Gold Coast Greyhound Racing Club has been making plenty of noise in its death throes of late through spokesperson and greyhound trainer Dave Irwin.

According to Irwin the Club has been prepared to find a new site on the Gold Coast to continue the tradition of greyhound racing in the local area, but Greyhounds Queensland issued a “show cause” notice to the “ghost” club in July and gave them until early August to provide submissions in support of the continuance of their licence.

Without making any reference to those submissions, Greyhounds Queensland Chair Kerry Watson has today announced that “The Board of Greyhounds Queensland has resolved to delicence the Gold Coast Greyhound Racing Club Inc. with immediate effect.”

Further adding that “Following the closure of the Parklands facility the Club has not been able to recommence racing on the Gold Coast”, and recognising that all race dates previously allocated to the Gold Coast Club have since been reallocated to the Brisbane and Ipswich Clubs.

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