Queensland Claims First Steroid Positive

Greyhounds Queensland stewards have left participants in no doubts as to how serious they intend to treat positive swabs involving anabolic steroids.

Last Friday, in the first case to be prosecuted under the new laws which saw anabolic steroids officially become banned substances, public greyhound trainer Tom Tzouvelis has been found guilty of failing to present a greyhound to race free of any banned substances.

Mr Tzouvelis was found guilty of presenting a male greyhound to race who on routine urinary swab analysis subsequently tested positive to a metabolite of the banned anabolic steroid Stanozol.

In finding Mr Tzouvelis guilty, Greyhounds Queensland stewards imposed a 3 month disqualification and a $2000 fine upon the public trainer.

It is understood that the penalties imposed on Mr Tzouvelis would have been far more severe but stewards took mitigating circumstances in to account, involving post surgical treatment by a registered veterinary surgeon on the greyhound in question.

After two prior extensions the current rules involving a total ban of anabolic steroids came officially in to force in most states in Australia on 1st July 2008. An expemtion under the rules is made for the suppression of the oestrus cycle by the anabolic steriod Ethyloestrenol in bitches only.

It is known by Australian Racing Greyhound.com that a further two irregular swabs have been found in Queenlsand routine swab analysis and that both swabs are currently awaiting confirmation of the “B” sample and both swab involve male greyhounds.