Queensland Greyhound Racing Receives A Further Financial Boost With RQIS

After consultation with key greyhound industry stakeholders that included the , the board of (RQL) is pleased to advise that an enhanced incentive scheme for eligible greyhounds racing at TAB meetings in Queensland will commence from January 2012, as part of the Racing Queensland Incentive Scheme (RQIS).

It is envisaged that the scheme will encourage increased investment in younger greyhounds and due to a tiered fee structure will provide a stimulus to the Queensland greyhound industry.

Major changes are planned with this revised scheme to cater for all greyhounds that would be eligible with a registration fee required at whelping for Queensland greyhounds, or by nine months of age for all other greyhounds.

To ensure a pool of greyhounds is available at the commencement of the scheme in January 2012, the scheme will provide for registration of older greyhounds to enable eligibility into the scheme up to 32 months of age.

The scheme will another significant boost to the industry by way of $610,500 being available in the 426 race bonuses scheduled in a full year.

Eligible greyhounds will race for bonuses in accordance with the conditions on nominated races of $3000 at the Class 1 meeting on a Thursday night, $1500 at the Class 2 meetings, $1000 at the Class 3 meetings and $500 at the Class 4 meetings (Townsville and Rockhampton).

These bonuses are in addition to the standard prizemoney available for each race.

Eligibility and pay-ups from July 1, 2011 are as follows:
• $200 per litter with whelping registration lodged in Queensland.
• $200 per greyhound (up to nine months from whelping) for all other greyhounds.

Additionally, in the initial year there will be a transition period to guarantee a starting pool of greyhounds with payments to be made between July 1 and August 31, 2011 as follows:
• $80 per greyhound whelped between September 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.
• $40 per greyhound whelped between May 1, 2009 and August 31, 2010.

The current Q-Dog scheme will remain operational until December 31, 2011.

RQL chairman Mr said he was delighted with the positive support the control body had received from the key industry stakeholders during the consultation process. “I look forward to working closely with the industry to make this scheme a resounding success that should go a long way to sustaining the breeding and racing aspects of the sport well into the future.”

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