Queensland Greyhound Stewards & RSPCA Investigate Cairns Greyhound Deaths

Racing Queensland Limited stewards in conjunction with the RSPCA and Queensland Police are investigating the sudden death of several greyhounds housed at a property in Cairns.

The four deceased greyhounds have been sent for an autopsy.

The autopsy results are not expected to be fully known for several days to come.

Grace Uhr from the Cairns Post reports that all four of heartbroken local greyhound trainer Kevin Wheeler’s dogs died at his Woree home on Sunday night.

“They’re all beautiful, they’re like my kids,” Mr Wheeler said.

“I try to lie down and I just keep seeing the dogs.”

Mr Wheeler, who has been a successful Cairns greyhound trainer for 15 years, said he had been watching television on Sunday when he noticed one of the dogs acting strangely outside the window. After going to check on him, he found two of the other animals already dead. Another died shortly afterwards.

He managed to rush the sick dog to the vet, but it died about 30 minutes later.

“I’m really distraught over the whole thing and the first thing I do when I come home is look out the door for the dogs,” he said.

“It’s just shattered my life at the moment.”

Three of the dogs, Prince, Midge and Brett, who raced under the names He’s Stellar, Billy Missed Out and Out of State, were trained by Mr Wheeler, but had Brisbane owners. A fourth dog, Maggie, who raced as Shi Esther, was Mr Wheeler’s dog.

His is now waiting on autopsy results and has notified the Brisbane owners who were all equally shocked by the deaths.

A police spokesperson confirmed officers were called to the Mulgrave Rd duplex by Mr Wheeler on Sunday night and investigations into any possible foul play were continuing. They said there were currently no suspects.

However, it was possible items may have been thrown into the dog’s kennels from outside the yard.

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