Racing Queensland Announce $1.1Million Prizemoney Increase, Unplaced Prizemoney & Adopts NSW Grading Policy Model

Racing Queensland Limited (RQL) has finalised phase one of the greyhound industry development strategy after consultation with the industry that commenced July, 2012.

RQL has received written surveys from the industry participants, clubs and associations in the past two months that subsequently resulted in RQL organising open forums.

RQL is pleased to announce changes that will deliver an increase in this year’s prizemoney of $1.1million.

The strategy will see the Queensland greyhound racing industry product become more competitive in its pursuit of excellence by way of offering mid-tier prizemoney that more than compares with prizemoney on offer in other states.

The changes include five meetings a week in South-East Queensland that will offer total prizemoney of $2100 with $1400 to the winner for a minimum of seven races per meeting.

RQL will maintain prizemoney levels of $5000 for 1st to 5th grades and $8000 for the Free-For-All at Albion Park on Thursdays which is the metropolitan Category A meeting each week.

As previously documented, there has been tremendous support from central and north Queensland for the proposal which will see prizemoney increases for the Bundaberg, Cairns, Rockhampton and Townsville clubs with an additional seven meetings being added to the two non-TAB venues schedule.

RQL will continue to explore the potential to upgrade the Cairns and Bundaberg venues to TAB status and will maintain dialogue with its media partners to achieve this objective in the future.

In an endeavour to make the industry more sustainable it has been agreed that unplaced prizemoney of $35 per greyhound will be paid to eighth place at all meetings with the exception of Capalaba and Ipswich (non-TAB) where the unplaced prizemoney will remain $10 per unplaced runner.

Additionally RQL is investigating ways with the clubs so that unplaced prizemoney can be paid at kenneling time and deducted if appropriate from any prizemoney won.

Feature race prizemoney will remain largely unaffected with the following summary a synopsis of the changes contemplated:

  • The Group 3 $37,400 Gold Coast Cup will be conducted on October 11, 2012,
  • The Listed Superstayers Invitational has been deleted from the program,
  • Marginal prizemoney increases to select provincial and non-TAB clubs feature races,
  • No fundamental changes are envisaged for feature race prizemoney distribution except Category A monthly finals which are now $7000,
  • An additional Group 3 race is envisaged to be scheduled within the current year if funding is available

All other feature races will continue at current prizemoney levels with clubs and associations encouraged to seek sponsorship to increase feature racing prizemoney.

The revised greyhound prizemoney schedule for Queensland will come into effect on Monday, October 1, 2012.

RQL has also committed to the Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) grading policy model for implementation on December 3, 2012 with a number of marginal changes to accommodate the local industry needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Potential to win two 5th grades at the Category A meeting
  • The equivalent of a ‘Novice’ win at the Category A meeting will be achieved by way of a Special Event that is included in the GRNSW grading policy to be implemented by Queensland
  • Potential to win additional 5th grades per distance at Category B and C meetings
  • Ability to win a maiden semi-final and final without penalty
  • Two non-consecutive unplaced runs at the same day of meeting and same distance after the greyhound’s last win will see a drop of one grade
  • Performance trials will not be conducted for grading purposes
  • Greyhounds will be graded on a performance grading regime where possible with greyhounds of like ability drawn together

Additionally, the implementation of the GRNSW grading policy model will greatly support RQL with its preparation for new national systems set for rollout in 2013 which will be utilized for grading, licensing and database purposes.

The new grading policy can be downloaded here:
Racing Queensland New Grading Policy

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