Theobromine Warning To Greyhound Trainers

has today issued a warning to greyhound trainers that they have identified the possible source of a recent spate of positive swabs to to be a milk replacement product.

Anyone using the product would be advised to stop immediately, and if necessary either avail themselves of voluntary testing or contact their local greyhound authority

Thefull media release from Greyhounds Queensland follows :

Please be aware that the product “Palastart Blue Calf Milk Replacer” has been found to contain traces of theobromine.

Greyhounds Queensland can advise that a number of trainers who have recently returned positive swabs to theobromine, have advised the above mentioned product has been used in their greyhound’s dietary program.

Testing undertaken by the Racing Science Centre has confirmed this product contains theobromine and consultation with (Manufacturer of the product) also confirms that, if available, they routinely use chocolate flavoured skim or full cream milk powders in calf milk replacers.

If you have any further concerns with the use of the above mentioned product please contact Probiotec information line on 1800 067 919.

Senior Steward – Investigations

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