Queen Lauryn Out Of Paws Of Thunder Heats

Queensland's champion race bitch, has been scratched from the Heats on Saturday.

In a blow for , Queen Lauryn has come “on season” and will be unable to race.

Queen Lauryn, who is the current track record holder, has had a very public battle with form that her connections had blamed on the of Nandoral, which is an anabolic steroid and the only one allowed under the drug free rules of greyhound racing.

According to connections, she raced on Nanderol for a period of time after breaking the Ipswich track record before her form tapered off.

Connections made the decision to rake her off all steroids and she had reportedly been trialling well again leading toward the 1 Paws Of Thunder Heats on Saturday.

Unfortunately the risk hasn't paid off and without any oestrus suppresion therapy, Queen Lauryn has come on season.

Owner and Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club Board aspirant, Steve Hawkins raised the possibility of legal action against , calling the current greyhound racing and the current drug free rules “an unfair playground now” ; which is ironic, given that the whole purpose of the recent banning of all in greyhounds other than ethyloestrenol, was to invoke a level playing field for all participants.

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