Queensland Greyhound Trainer Guilty Of Two Positive Swabs

In the wake of ’s Theobromine warning earlier this month, a Queensland greyhound trainer has been found guilty of two to the same drug in two different greyhounds.

convened an on the 21st November 2008 in relation to the urine sample taken from the greyhound and additionally, in realtion to a second taken from the greyhound . Both greyhounds were trained by Mr of Caboolture and both greyhounds swabbed positive to ..

Pierre Bouchee’s positive swab relates back to the meeting of the 26th August 2008 at the Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club in Race 8 (placed 3rd) and Yound Back Onyx’s positive swab stems from the Ipswich meeting of the 5th September 2008 in Race 2 (placed 1st).

Stewards directed Trainer Mr. F. Churchill of Caboolture to appear and took evidence from Mr. Churchill along with evidence from the Racing Science Centre in relation to tests carried out on greyhound kibble and milk powder provided by Mr. Churchill.

Stewards charged the Mr Chrchill under GAR 83 (2) (a) (d) which states;

  • (2) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound
  • (a) nominated to compete in an Event
  • (d) shall present the greyhound free of any drug

Mr. Churchill pleaded guilty as charged on both charges and was fined a total of $275.

Additionally, Greyhounds Queensland Stewards disqualified both greyhounds from their repective placings and Mr Churchill was directed to return all prizemoney from those placings, back to Greyhounds Queensland.

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