Racing Minister To Axe Tasmanian Racing Boards

It seems we aren't the only ones getting a bad deal from Tasmanian Racing, Minister has started major reforms to Tasmania's racing industry that will abolish the three racing code councils.

Meetings will be held in the next month to consider a new model, including the formation of a Tasmanian Racing Board.

The councils of the three racing codes would be scrapped, and would give up its administrative role and concentrate on betting.

The Chief Executive of TOTE Tasmania, , says the Michael Aird asked them last month to investigate the possibilities.

“At this stage it is a proposal,” Mr Coleman said.

“It's not been adopted by the government.

“We want to make sure it's something that the whole industry is in of and we'll take it forward to the government at that time.

“The government have said that they'd like to see any changes that will be made implemented and in place by the first of January, so it's a pretty tight timeframe,” Mr Coleman said.

The Chief Executive of the Tasmanian Pacing Club, John Devereaux, says a streamlining of the sector will help it keep up with the rest of the world.

“I don't know as we're a terribly long way behind but I think the objective of this is to get out there and start leading,” Mr Devereaux said.

Certainly as far as Australian Racing Greyhound is concerned, they certainly are a long way behind and do little to promote themselves or their product effectively or to a wide audience as illustrated by their ridiculous insistance that we do not publish Tasmanian Greyhound Racing Fields.

That sort of narrow mindedness belongs back in the 70's and we certainly welcome any attempt at by the Tasmanian Racing Minister.

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