Resumption of racing in Texas a win for global greyhound village

GREYHOUND racing is set to recommence in the American state of Texas after the sport was suspended at the end of 2015.

Racing will resume after track owners and dog breeders reached an agreement which will see condensed carnivals of events held at a variety of venues over the next two years.

The first lot of meetings will be held between November and February at the Valley Race Park located in Harlingen in South Texas. During this period there will be a total of 360 races run and won with a total prize money purse of US $2.2 million.

In late 2017, racing will be conducted at the Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque between November and February 2018.

Greyhound racing was last run in Texas at the Gulf Greyhound Park in late 2015, with racing suspended due to competition from casinos in Louisiana, paired with rising costs and the inability to get an expansion on the type of betting which is authorised at the tracks.

However, in April, the Texas Racing Commission, which regulates dog racing and horse racing within the state, approved the agreement to see the two tracks hold a new schedule of racing over the next two years.

While not directly related to Australia, the news is a massive boost for greyhound racing enthusiasts worldwide who are still coming to terms with the shock announcement that the sport will be banned in New South Wales as of July 1, 2017.

The decision was announced by NSW Premier Mike Baird on July 7, 2016, following the release of the Special Commission of Inquiry report tabled by Justice Michael McHugh.

Baird and Deputy Premier and Racing Minister Troy Grant have since been slammed for the decision, having announced the ban prior to the legislation appearing before the NSW Parliament.

Baird and Grant will be aiming to pass the legislation at the next meeting of the assembly on August 2, however several Nationals MPs as well as the NSW Labor Party have already voiced their disapproval for the ban which would make it illegal to breed, own or train greyhounds within the state.

Past Discussion

  1. So let me get this straight, you condemn Mike Baird for making a tiny reference in a huge document to a canadian study, yet here you are trumpeting something that happens in the US. It has NO relevance to Australia. We know that because you told us that stuff that happens in the US has no relevance to the Australian scene, surely you’re not complete hypocrites right? Hoisted on your own petard …

  2. Dave …both the reference on page 1 of in the Special Commission report and the factthat Texas is resuming racing highlight mistruths coming from those on theanti-racing side of this argument. If they have no relevance to Australianracing, why were Ernie’s comments used in the report and why has the supposeddemise of racing in the US been used by anti-racing groups to justify thedecision to close down racing here ?

  3. Gye4 Ahh so because the report from Texas goes in your favour, now suddenly its relevant to include the US in the debate. Yet when it wasnt you wouldnt hear of it. Which is it Gye4? Do we accept ALL reports from the US and make them relevant to our situation or don’t we? Before we even start I need you to answer the question, is anything related to greyhound racing in North America relevant to Australia, because from that we can then begin the debate. So answer that question first.

  4. DaveSampson75  Firstly Dave, there is a very big difference between “Ernie” surname not supplied therefore a difficult reference for anyone else to verify( from 11 years ago) and the state of Texas reintroducing greyhound racing which was not suspended because of cruelty issues but economics. The anti lobby constantly and I mean constantly use the argument that greyhound racing is only practised in a few countries therefore it shows that it should be banned here. Greyhound racing has only ever been in a relatively small number of countries. This argument that not many countries have greyhound racing therefore we should ban it does not seem very valid to me.

    Not many countries have universal health care either should we ban that as well? Part of the reason that Australia is one of the most successful multi cultural societies in the world is because of our tolerance. The fact that we have people demonising anyone who likes greyhound racing despite never having even met a greyhound trainer and a small self appointed group of women with no mandate demanding the end to greyhound racing, horse racing, circuses, rodeos, pet ownership and guide dogs is in my opinion worrying.

  5. Deborah555 DaveSampson75The fact that we have people demonising anyone who likes greyhound racing despite never having even met a greyhound trainer” … dumbest argument ever. I dont have to meet a paedophile to know touching kiddies is wrong. I dont have to eat dog crap to know it tastes bad. Meeting a greyhound trainer has NOTHING to do with this debate. 68,000 dogs dead, lets deal with the facts, not Joe Bloggs and his two dogs in Grafton.

  6. DaveSampson75 Deborah555  Dave an argument does not automatically become dumb just because it is different to yours. Once you start declaring people who think differently to you are “dumb” or their arguments are stupid you are letting your emotions rather than reason cloud your judgement. Despite Hugh not agreeing with anything I say he has never resorted to insults or questioning my intelligence. He is highly intelligent and argues in a rational and highly intelligent way and I believe he is sincere. I am quite happy to listen to his views. Once however people start with the stupid, carrying on about dog shit and paedophiles shouting “NOTHING” I wonder about their motives. The taste of dog crap and sex offenders has nothing to do with the debate either Dave.

    It is claimed that 68,000 are dead and they have all been killed because they couldn’t race fast enough. This is not a fact. The committee estimated the number born, why estimate Dave the greyhound authorities put into the public domain every greyhound puppy born including it’s sex.

    What, you think every greyhound born would live to be old if not put down by greyhound trainers. No species on the planet  has a hundred per cent survival rate. Of every  100 people born in 60 years only 15 are still  alive. Six million red crabs hatch each year and it is estimated that only one makes it to maturity. There are many reason why greyhounds die- disease, snakes, genetic abnormalities, accidents, parasites. They also do not have a lifespan of 15 years their average life span just like most dogs is 10-12 years. All greyhounds trainers have old dogs and many trainers keep their dogs after racing or rehome them. These dogs, a considerable number of them and all the dogs who have died from the factors I mentioned above were also included in the kill count.

    If you are genuine about greyhound welfare I am happy to listen to your views, however if you are just hiding behind ” I care about greyhounds” to have a go at people you know nothing about or an industry you appear to know nothing about then I will question your motives.

    If you  would like to know how to argue and put your case forward in a rational, intelligent way without getting emotional and offensive I’d suggest you take a few lessons from Hugh.

    “Never having met a greyhound trainer” was a condensed version of “have absolutely no understanding of the industry and people they are condemning and pushing their own personal and political agendas and a belief that without mandate they can tell the rest of the world how they should live their lives”

  7. I wouldn’t read too much into the fact that racing will start again, in a limited capacity, in Texas. Racing has essentially died in Texas and this sputtering attempt at a return is more about state politics than any supposed revival of the industry. Look for it to die out again just as quickly as it seemed to come back.

    I am currently a Board member of Grey2KUSA Worldwide, an organization that fights to save these marvelous creatures all over the globe (You can learn more about us here: I have fostered and adopted rescued racing greyhounds since 1995. I cannot imagine abandoning any of them when they become injured, old or sick and yet this is routinely what happens to them at the track. I can only hope that the Texas Racing Commission will come to its senses and rescind this morally and economically disastrous decision.

    Fred Barton

    Board Member

    Grey2K USA Worldwide

  8. Deborah555 DaveSampson75 It’s a waste of time and effort engaging with people that have been brain washed as the Animal Rights Movement have done to so many.

    Look at ‘Mein Kampf’.

  9. I thought your efforts had resulted in some very impressive rehoming statistics. I am happy to listen to the views of anyone who is motivated by a love of greyhounds which you appear to be.

    Lets not lose sight of the fact though that in NSW most of the people who give a home to a dog after it’s racing career has finished are the owners and trainers themselves.

    Many people in the industry give homes for life to their dogs and the vast majority keep a dog for as long as they can afford to feed them.

    I am not sure how many greyhounds you have personally  given a home to Fred but I am willing to take a punt and stand corrected if I am wrong that I have fed as many to the end of their days as you have. The difference is, I and the other people in the industry who feed their dogs to the end of their days just don’t have websites about it and want a seat in parliament for their efforts.

    When I go to the track and see an elderly man with his dog that is obviously loved and cared for and the dog has had thirty starts and never won a race and this man knows they are unlikely to- then obviously this man is there with this dog for the social engagement, the joy the dog brings him and his love of the “game” and the majority of dog trainers would fit this description there are only a few prominent people in the industry who overbreed. The solution is not to take away the last bit of joy that a lot of elderly men and some women have left in their lives it is to reduce breeding and increase rehoming.