$1,000 Track Record Bonus For Group 3 Pet’s Tucker Gawler Gold Cup Series

An outstanding line up of sprinters will take part in the Pet’s Tucker heats this Sunday evening 30th October at Gawler. There are five fabulous heats on a strong ten event program with the first to kick off at 5.27pm.

All greyhounds will be chasing a berth in the $38,500 final to be run the following Sunday 6th November at Gawler.

Due to the quality of greyhounds in the series this year there is no doubt that the 531m track record will be in serious danger of being bettered. In support of the Gawler Greyhound Racing Club and the series an added for all greyhounds on Sunday night including the heats and next Sunday night’s final meeting, will offer a $1,000 bonus to the connections if a track record falls over any distance.

The current track record for the 531m is held by Regional Image at 30.23 set in July of 2003 however greyhounds in the series the quality of Kalden Mayhem (Heat 2) and Hannah McLaren (Heat 5) have gone very close to the record in recent times running 30.32 and 30.34 respectively. The time needed to beat for the 400m is 22.45 held by Stomping Bear set in May 2011 and the 643m is held by Bothing at 36.81 set in June of 2006.

Should the track record be broken twice at each meeting over a distance the bonus will be paid to the connections of the greyhound holding the track record at the end of the meeting.

As an added bonus for the club have advised that the Pet’s Tucker final meeting next Sunday night will be covered on Sky Racing 1 providing extra exposure for the 3 feature.

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