Greyhound Racing South Australia Introduce Short Course Greyhound Racing At Angle Park

The Board of Greyhound Racing SA has announced today that a new short-course trip will be implemented at from November, with works due to commence in the weeks immediately ahead.

The introduction of the new distance is a strategic response to the nomination pressure facing Wednesday meetings and reflects the Board’s view that the State’s premier venue must be sufficiently versatile to accommodate racing over all relevant distances.

The scheduling of short-course racing at Angle Park will be restricted to Wednesday (day) meetings only and will not be utilised for the Monday or Thursday night timeslots.

Track work will commence shortly in order to accommodate short course racing, under the supervision of leading Australian and engineering firm Consulting.

The firm has been responsible for overseeing track work at a number of metropolitan and regional tracks interstate.

The starting will be slightly set back from the mid-point of the 1st and 2nd turns, and positioned to reflect the most current thinking in relation to the strategic placement of turn starts.

The new distance measures out to approximately 390m.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Matthew Corby said the GRSA Board believes short-course racing will enable the industry to utilise its existing racing stock to fulfill its commitments to the weekly schedule.

“The recent introduction of stakemoney increases, support of local breeders, and the introduction of short-course racing at Angle Park, have all been designed to increase industry participation and maximise the racing opportunity for current and projected stocks, said Mr Corby.

“At the same time, GRSA remains committed to developing a scheduling strategy that maximises the returns from Sky Racing to industry participants in SA.

“The new start will also provide additional capacity for Angle Park to offset the temporary of regional tracks for programmed maintenance, major capital works or events such as the Show.”

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