Greyhound Racing South Australia On A Fast Track To Safer Racing

The collaborative efforts of Greyhound Racing SA and Steriline Racing have established a new benchmark in racing safety in the form of an innovative safety rail prototype.

The design of the final product incorporates a modified version of the collapsible rail that is more typically associated with thoroughbred racing and has been the subject of extensive trialing at over the past several weeks.

The new safety rail extends around the full inner circumference of the track and is designed to have sufficient movement on contact to absorb the full pressure of impact from a racing greyhound.

Even in the early days after its introduction, the new rail has begun to openly demonstrate its effectiveness at protecting greyhounds in the run.

Furthermore, the revolutionary design utilises transparent railing along the entire length of the back-straight to minimise obstruction of the racing vision, and is barely detectable to the viewer whether they‟re watching on or at the track.

The remaining rail is the traditional white that is utilised in . The individual sections of rail are affixed to the rail pole on a sliding bracket that enables the movement or “bounce‟ of the panel in response to impact.

“This project reflects ‟s genuine commitment to outcomes and comprehensively addresses the shortcomings that are evident in existing safety rail design.”

“It is our expectation that this design will ultimately constitute the standard” said Mr , CEO of Greyhound Racing SA.

John Fargher, Managing Director of Steriline Racing commented on the project, “It is only through our close working relationship with Greyhound Racing SA, and our collaboration of ideas, that we have been able to provide such an innovative safety rail.

“We are thrilled that we have been able to once again assist our customers by providing a unique customised solution.”

“We look forward to providing this unique product to greyhound tracks throughout and the world.”

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