GRSA Release Details Of Significant Infrastructure Upgrades

In a bold and welcome move, Greyhound Racing South () have released specific details of its main targets for those planned infrastructure upgrade across the state, as part of its Strategic Plan released last year.

The list includes 23 individually outlined items that have been upgraded or are planned for modernisation across fives areas – four tracks and systems – with a total of $1.5 million being shelled out.

Those items of note include a $280,000 overhaul of the McQueen’s Tavern and Gaming venue, the installation of a lift, automated irrigation system and improvements to some areas of Chasers restaurant, all at the track.

A badly needed upgrade to all television equipment around the Angle Park course has also been identified. It may come with a $130,000 price tag, but this is surely welcome news to anyone that attends South Australian tracks regularly, used to having to rely on 1980-style box televisions for Sky Channel and market information only visible for those patrons seated directly opposite.

Mount Gambier is in line to receive small facelifts in several areas also, including the vet room, kitchen and Air-conditioning unit being installed in the kennelhouse; something which many would argue should be made compulsory in all tracks around Australia.

works are mainly completed, including the highly publicised refurbishment of the kennel-house.

From an administration perspective, the move to the computing system has come down at a cost of nearly a quarter-million dollars, however this must also be regarded as a move in the right direction towards national uniformity in racing processes.

While all this news brings a ray sunshine to the future of , one must surely ask how infrastructure in the southern state has been neglected to a point where this much attention is necessary. With an obvious focus to avoid the mistakes of the past, perhaps the old adage ‘you have to spend money to make money’ is the new philosophy of the Board at this time.

However, to come from such a distance back may result in merely catching up to the other states rather than getting ahead of the game.

Regardless of that opinion, GRSA are still keen to let it be known that while the level of spending has significantly increased, the key focus will remain on getting funds back in the hands of participants, and despite those projects that were undertaken last financial year, industry returns have increased by over 6%.

The full list of infrastructure projects outlined by GRSA is given below:

GRSA Infrastructure Development Projects

Location Description Cost
ANGLE PARK McQueens Refurbishment $283, 617
ANGLE PARK Lift Installation $166,500
ANGLE PARK TV Monitor Replacement $130,000
ANGLE PARK Maintenance Shed $117, 550
ANGLE PARK Restrooms (Chasers) $79,750
ANGLE PARK Beer System (Chasers) $37,830
ANGLE PARK Irrigation System $47,000
ANGLE PARK Vet Clinic – Imaging $24,750
ANGLE PARK Power Factor Correction Unit $14,750
ANGLE PARK Water Tank $14,000
GAWLER Kennelhouse Refurbishment $253,000
GAWLER Landscaping and Fencing $16,782
MOUNT GAMBIER Safety Rail $16,306
MOUNT GAMBIER Kennel Security Cages $12,000
MOUNT GAMBIER Kennelhouse Air-Con $6,000
MOUNT GAMBIER Ride-on Lawnmower $5000
MOUNT GAMBIER Vet Room Upgrade $4000
MOUNT GAMBIER Audio/Visual Upgrade $3500
MOUNT GAMBIER Kitchen Equipment $2000
Audio/Visual Upgrade $3500
ADMINISTRATION OzChase IT Platform $239,150
ADMINISTRATION Swipe Card Security System $15,290
ADMINISTRATION Electrical Testing and Tagging $7980
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