Hains Fined $400 By GRSA Stewards For Pre Race Procedure

Registered South Australian greyhound trainer has been cautioned regarding instructions to her handlers after her handler was found guilty of “detrimental conduct” prior to boxing the greyhound .

At the GRSA held Monday 7th June 2010, evidence was taken from Mrs. Lisa Rasmussen (Trainer), Mr. Neville Hains (handler) and Licensed trainer Mr. Tony Rasmussen.

After taking evidence from all parties, stewards charged Mr. Hains with an offence under GRSA Rule of Racing 86 (q) which reads :

    R86 A person (including a official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person

  • (q) commits or omits to do any act or engages in conduct which is in any way detrimental or prejudicial to the interest ,, image, control or promotion of greyhound racing

Mr.Hains pleaded guilty to the charge, and was fined the sum of $400.00

Whatever Rasmussen instructed Hains to do officially remains a mystery, but Rasmussen was advised by stewards of her obligations into any further instructions given in relation to any greyhound under her care.

Oddly though, the conduct was seemingly either so offensive, or so insignificant that no record of it appears on the official GRSA Stewards Report from the race in question on the 31st March 2010.

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