Keylock Called To Inquiry Over Guaifenesin Positive

Stewards have today advised Australian Racing Greyhound that South Australian greyhound trainer will be required to front a stewards in regard to a from the greyhounds Fantuzzi.

The positive swab stems from a South Australian coursing meeting at held back on the 4th October 2009, when Kelock provided both the winner and the runner-up in the Emerley Park maiden stake.

GRSA Stewards have confirmed that both the “A” and “B” samples taken from Fantuzzi on the day have tested positive to Guaifenesin, which is the same substance that caused a sensation when the trained Tasman Queen was scratched by order of GRV stewards from the 2007 Final after returning a positive swab it. Britton was subsequently fined $500 for the offence.

Mr. was advised of the analysts results on 11th November 2009 and is required to attend an inquiry at the offices of Greyhound Racing South Limited on Monday 23rd November 2009 at 11.00am, together with any witnesses that may assist for an inquiry by the Stewards into the circumstances relating to the obtaining of the positive urine sample.

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