New Zealand & Qld Sister Cities Cup Contenders Trial At Angle Park

This morning at the Brisbane and New Zealand greyhounds had their first look at the track in preparation for the 2012 Jetpets Sister Cities Cup Final this Thursday night.

The greyhounds were first to trial with Another Dollar for handler Kerry O’Connor coming from box 7 in a box to box. The defending champion ran a first split of 4.49 and then 17.10 to the back. This was quite a good run considering normal split times at Angle Park considered very quick are better than 4.50 to the first turn and anything under 17.00 to the back. Know Spunk for trainer Gary Cleeve then trialled out of box 7 in a box to box with a 4.59 first split and then a quick 16.99 to the back.

The Auckland greyhounds then took to the track with Thrilling Ransom for attendant Glen Quirk trialling form box 8 in a box to box time of 4.59 first split and a flying 16.95 to the back. Kiki Rhode for trainer Wayne Steele out of box 6 ran the quickest first split time of 4.45 with a 17.11 to the back in a box to box.

The Brisbane greyhounds then ran full trials over the 515m with Bogie King for trainer running 4.59, 17.08, 29.94 which was a good effort and anything quicker than 30 seconds at Angle Park will win a lot of races. Ozo Good for trainer then ran 4.54, 17.26, 30.13 which was also a good effort running home in a similar time to Bogie King.

The New Zealand and Brisbane contingent all arrived safely over the weekend and were in good spirits this morning looking forward to Thursday nights big final.

The $40,000 grand final will be race 8 on the program and is to jump at 9.11pm (SA time).

2012 Sister Cities Cup Final

1. Aunty Chopper Gary Pidgeon (Adelaide)
2. Know Spunk Gary Cleeve (Christchurch)
3. Ozo Good Ron Ball (Brisbane)
4. Bogie King Ryan Ayre (Brisbane)
5. Hope’s Up (Adelaide)
6. Kiki Rhode Wayne & Tracey Steele (Auckland)
7. Another Dollar (Christchurch)
8. Thrilling Ransom Karen (Auckland)
9. Point Two Over 1st Res (Adelaide)
10. Andrew’s Courage Dean Decrea 2nd Res (Adelaide)

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