Veetee Express Rewards The Anderton Team In The Mount Gambier Cup

is a workaholic. I was going to use the term driveaholic, but driveaholic wasn’t deemed a word, so I went with the former.

On Sunday the Anderton camp was rewarded for these efforts with victory in the 2014 Mount Gambier Cup, with the Vince Tullio owned chaser saluting by two lengths in a 29.82. The gallant Dee Dee Corsair and unlucky Stew’s Mistake rounded out the trifecta.

Paul wasn’t the only Anderton to make the six hour trek to Mount Gambier, with Anderton’s son David making the trip.

“David lives in and made the trip with me to keep me company. It’s a real team effort to be honest. My wife Pam is at home with the dogs whenever I travel. She works the dogs when I’m not there and feeds them. Pam has done the team all day today and without her help I couldn’t have made the trip to Mount Gambier. She empties the dogs and runs everything whilst I’m away. I’m really lucky to have the family support.”

Anderton has 10-12 dogs in work at any one time and is a believer in placing his team where they can win, and he is applying that approach to Veetee Express.

“The plan with her is the grade 5 400m heats at on . I like to fish in the ponds that I can catch the fish. Half the battle is putting the dogs in a race you think you can win. I could go to a grade 4 at or FFA, or venture to Geelong for a grade 5. I try and place the dogs in the easiest race I can find that they can win. I will travel anywhere with the right dog to place them right.”

It hasn’t all been good luck of late for the Anderton kennel, and Paul is hopeful that today will be the turning point in his fortunes.

“We have had some bad luck. Shifty Sticka broke a stopper bone and hasn’t started since he was odds on favourite for the Silver Chief. Keep Calm won a 12k final at The Meadows and did a ligament in the stopper bone and hasn’t started since. Greysynd Jet won in 29.60 at Sandown and broke her hock a couple of weeks ago. So three kennel guns are on the sidelines, so it was good to have a change of luck today.”

Anderton is also appreciative of the relationship he has with his owners and enjoys that part of greyhound racing.

“I look after all Vince’s broodies and pups. We have developed a good friendship and the support of owners like Vince is essential in building a quality team.”

When I asked Paul what he would do if he wasn’t involved in greyhound racing, the answer showed the passion he has for the sport.

“I don’t know. I’ve never experienced it and was born into it. I’ve never had a week in my life without a greyhound and I’m touching 60. I don’t fish, I don’t play lawn bowls, I train greyhounds.”

“I live for greyhound racing.  I was vice president at the club and was on the committee. I just love winning races and set my dogs accordingly, it’s my passion. I’ve driven the there for 15 years and I’ve even been a slipper at the and for 10-15 years. I just love the dogs”.

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