South Australian Greyhound Racing Industry Consultative Group Reformed

The new of the Industry Consultative (ICG) has been resolved and will convene for the first time in mid-December. The ICG draws together representation from various industry sectors and is intended to serve as the primary forum for communication between the industry and . The panel acts in an advisory capacity to the Board and Management in support of their development of strategy and policy.

The Clubs, under their authority as the Members of Company, are responsible for the composition of the panel and they have put considerable effort into identifying a group of people that draws from different regions and backgrounds and introduces critical new thinking to this type of forum. The final panel comprises the following names:

The ICG will meet twice annually with GRSA Board and Management around June and December. The GRSA website will be updated to include the names and email contact details of the panellists to allow the industry to raise issues of industry significance with whichever representative(s) they choose to approach. As a guide for participants, the panel will only consider those issues or opportunities which broadly affect SA participants as opposed to individual grievances or isolated matters. Furthermore, the panel will only cover issues that are of more direct relevance to other specific industry Committees (eg the Breeders Taskforce) where GRSA is interested in seeking a broader opinion on a particular matter. Otherwise, such content falls outside the scope of the ICG.

“The reformation of the ICG is a significant announcement for the greyhound racing participants and the ICG panelists will focus on the important issues and take steps towards a unified and prosperous industry” said ICG panelist, Gavin Harris.

The panellists will receive an Agenda for each meeting several weeks ahead of the scheduled date of a meeting to allow time for individual discussion with participants.

Where relevant, GRSA management may choose to conduct an open process of industry survey prior to the meeting so that the panel may be more informed in its discussion.

Within four weeks of any ICG meeting having been completed, a report of outcomes will be distributed to the industry.

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