South Australian Greyhound Racing Stand Firm On Finish On Lure

Despite stepping back away from the to resume more traditional catching pen greyhound racing, has strengthened their resolve to conduct finish on lure racing, making them the only state in Australia to do so.

Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA) announced today that the Finish on Lure (FOL) system will continue at and for all scheduled races in an ongoing bid to keep injury and suspension rates to a minimum at both tracks.

The GRSA Board decision follows an extensive review, which included an analysis of injury and suspension rates at Angle Park under the FOL and Catching Pen systems, new FOL injury prevention measures, local industry consultation and evidence gathered from other racing authorities in Australia.

A comparative two-year study of the FOL and Catching Pen systems by GRSA between July 2008 and June 2010 found that injury rates decreased by 18.1% and suspension rates by 67.3% under the FOL system.

The Board resolved to introduce a combination of ‘grab' and Catching Pen trials at Angle Park to provide South Australian industry participants with further choice in relation to the training of their greyhounds. The structure and timing of those trial changes will be identified in the coming weeks and industry participants informed through the relevant channels.

GRSA CEO said the decision to continue with the Finish on Lure (FOL) system is based upon the opinion that it provides the best option for protecting the welfare of racing greyhounds.

“We believe the FOL system is the best practice approach based on available evidence and that this decision will reinforce the of our local racing product.

“A redesign of the lure cover to reduce tail injuries and the availability of stronger muzzles has served to mitigate the injury risks normally associated with FOL.

“In making this decision we carefully reviewed the results of industry survey and submissions by participants. We acknowledge that industry opinion is divided on this issue but are of the firm view that FOL system is the best way forward for the industry.”

The GRSA Board and Management welcome continued feedback from industry participants on the FOL and Catching Pen systems. This feedback will be considered within the context of ongoing monitoring of this matter.

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