Spokesperson fails to shed light on Reform Panel’s work

NO further details have been released on the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel after Australian Racing Greyhound contacted the Department of the Premier on Wednesday afternoon.

In an attempt to extract further information, ARG asked what topics had been discussed by the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel, which would have an impact on the sport moving forward.

A spokesperson from the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel would only give a vague description of the group’s objectives, however did mention the five-person panel had met multiple times.

“The panel has met five times on a weekly basis since October and has considered a number of reports, including the recommendations of the Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry, as well as the industry reform guarantees that were put forward by the Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance in August,” the spokesperson said.

“The NSW Government appointed the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel to determine the new regime that will ensure greyhound racing in NSW prioritises animal welfare, has a robust governance structure and a tough independent regulator to monitor the industry.”

ARG also asked whether the industry will be able to make submissions for consideration, and whether the work of the panel will be made public prior to the recommendations being submitted to the Premier.

“Stakeholders have been consulted extensively through the Commission of Special Inquiry and through the Transition Taskforce’s work, led by John Keniry.

“The Panel will consult directly with relevant experts as part of its work.”

The spokesperson was unable to provide a timeframe on when the recommendations would be handed to the government, stating “The Government has given the Panel the time it needs to complete its work before it recommends the next steps for the industry”.

Australian Racing Greyhound will endeavour to learn more about the process of the Panel’s work and what will form a part of the recommendations to the government.

Our say

It is unacceptable if the industry is kept in the dark until the recommendations are submitted to the Government.

With tens of thousands of people involved in the sport in some capacity, we deserve to know what is being proposed and we should be given the chance to submit a response to any concerns.

This is not about fighting reform. The industry recognises it needs to lift its standards and it is ready to do so, but at the same time it is grossly unfair to leave everyone in the dark whilst making drastic changes to people’s way of life, without their consultation.

Added to this, the government is still yet to confirm whether the panel will be required to recommend restricting the industry to the 2000 breeding quota mentioned in the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance’s letter to the Premier on August 9, which is specifically mentioned within the terms of reference.

Once again, everything seems like a secret.

Whilst understanding the panel is undertaking a gruelling task, greater transparency is needed if the reform process is to be successful.

Past Discussion

  1. The panel are accessories to Bairds deception.  What happens to this panel after Bairds resignation? Will they remain?

    I don’t agree with you Katherine that the panel has a gruelling task, there are only 80 recommendations….how long does it take?

  2. Its a smoke screen for Bairds closure at the end of June ! Also there is a disappointed Nats person on the Alliance who’s not real happy re Orange By- Election  and the SF&F party will be standing a candidate in 2019 in the Upper Hunter in the Lower House  they only need a 2% swing or better!

  3. looks to me  we the ordinary folk will still not have a voice. we will be told — only what we can have !  take it or leave it—– or else.

    discrimination again!  dosnt look good for any one least of all the country tracks.

  4. BobWhitelaw  I couldn’t believe they would appoint some-one  to lead the Nationals who supported the ban and council amalgamations- surely a loss of support shown in Orange is a message. The safest National seat in the country since WW 11 and they barely held it.  I thought they were going to call for submissions -people have shown all sorts of good ideas during this debate that will simply disappear. I don’t think they have learnt a thing from the orange bi election and if they have not the will be in for an even ruder shock 2019. I believe the new leader only has a 2.5% swing in his direction which may actually be a good thing.

  5. Deborah555 BobWhitelaw  and now for the coup-de-grace.

    JOHN BARILARO is a new plant to take over exactly where GRANT left off. so well organized to ”side ways move’ GRANT and keep his RACING MINISTER roll,and have the NATS show some face and have BARILARO look like a saver of the NATS PARTY,when in fact,he is no better than having GRANT in the seat.he was anti dog racing,he may become DEPUTY PREMIER,so where is the win here?

    wouldn’t consider HUMPHRIES or HODGKINSON or GUPATIL…oh no,they were anti NATS at the time of the BILL passing,no we couldn’t have one of those could we?

    so here we have a perfect sling. fool some of us BAIRD/GRANT/BARILARO,but not fooling me and some.

    this is a sham and shows BAIRD is a smart a…

    he thinks we dog people are just that…PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE DOGS,THINK LIKE DOGS….wrong buster mouth,we are onto you and this is a planned political move by BAIRD and the NATS.BAIRD realises,and convinces GRANT he is not PREMIER material. he is not political savvy enough,yet,so need a new NATS leader who will possibly fit BAIRDS roll when he migrates back to his church calling.

    this is a joke,and KATHERINE ERNST, you should follow up o this.

    and one last thing. who was making all these decisions that GRANT and co followed thru loyalty? it was BAIRD.then why has BAIRD not fallen his sword? he has let GRANT take the full brunt and he walks away with his record intact. such heroicsm don’t you think? not! he is a bloody coward hiding behind his role of PREMIER,And as captain of the sinking ship,he should GO DOWN with it. what a coward of a man.

    copied and pasted from a earlier comment I made.

    just shows how they treat the situation.they relly belive they are unbeatable/untouchable. such arrogance but nothing surprises me about BAIRD and his influences.the man somehow has all theother parties mesmerized,which tells me there is more behind the scenes….like massive deals and pocket lining.it is just ridiculous what the NATS are doing.bAIRD it appears,is taking them all to the PROMISED LAND for doom,and they are following like lost minds. no guts in any of these parties.NSW is in trouble if they don’t rid BAIRD.

  6. BobWhitelaw  Bob I thought they had won it and Antony Green doesn’t make too many mistakes but the tele suggested they had lost it will check again. I hope they have