Stewards wrap: Trainer suspended for 12 months for banned substance

THE month of October has seen a flurry of action in the rooms around the country, with NSW imposing the biggest ban of the month to trainer Sarah Fellows.

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) found that Fellows had permanently banned prohibited substances in her possession at her property in Seaham when in charge of greyhounds.

An inquiry held on October 5 heard that GRNSW and NSW police found and pentobarbital (Substances) at the property that Fellows resides at with Mr . Vanderburg pleaded guilty to possession of the substances but did not have a license.

Despite having no evidence to suggest Fellows used any of the substances the inquiry found her guilty and hit the trainer with a 12 month ban.

Fellows was advised of her right to appeal following the decision.

Amanda Brunton cops 14 week suspension

Amanda Brunton has been handed a 14 week ban despite pleading not guilty of administering of administering a banned substance to a greyhound within her care.

Brunton's greyhound Tormund was found to have in its system following race two at on 22 March.

the Inquiry Panel noted that there was a significant amount of expert evidence before the Inquiry Panel in relation to the presence of cobalt in the Greyhound's system, and found that the Ms Brunton was guilty of the offense.

Magri launches Zipping Manuela appeal

Trainer Jason Magri has launched an appeal after his greyhound Zipping Manuela copped a three month suspension following the stewards determining at on 12 October 2018 that the greyhound had marred (second offence).

The stewards applied Rule 69 and imposed a period of suspension of three months and until the completion of a satisfactory trial on the greyhound.

The appeal will be heard by the Racing Appeals Tribunal on 19 October 2018 and Australian Racing Greyhound will keep you updated on the results.

Crawford hit with fine for exceeding breeding law

Queensland trainer Jane Crawford was issued a $500 fine on October 8 for failing to obtain a breeding litter exemption. Crawford was found guilty of breaching law GAR 127 (11) in that she caused Fantasy Royale, having had four (4) previous litters, to be artificially inseminated without obtaining approval from the QRIC in writing.

After taking into consideration an unblemished record, a guilty plea and the forthright nature of her testimony stewards imposed a fine of $500 with $300 of that suspended for a period of 2 years pending no further breaches of a similar rule.

Tony Zammit hit with hefty fine

Trainer Tony Zammit has been issued a $2000 fine after it was found his greyhound Individual Richy had in its system following a victory in race 1 at Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club on June 25.

Under law GAR 83(2)(a), the owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound nominated to compete in an event shall present the greyhound free of any prohibited substance.

Taking into consideration Zammit's guilty plea the fine issued was $2000, $500 of which was suspended over a two year period providing no further transgressions transpire. Individual Richy's victory was also stricken from the record.

Richards fined for positive post-race test

Trainer Marie Richards has been issued a $1500 fine for a post-race positive test following Foxy Fireball's victory on July 7 at .

Despite pleading not guilty to the charge, stewards deemed that Fox Fireball did indeed have Meloxicam, a banned substance, in its system following the event.

QRIC Stewards believe the appropriate penalty to be a monetary penalty of $1,500. Stewards acting under the provisions of GAR 95(3) elected to wholly suspend $750 for a period of two years pending no similar breach of the rules.

Mullan fined following positive banned reading

NT trainer Tim Mullan has been slugged with a $1500 fine by the Greyhound Association after his greyhound Jessie Rocks presented with an abnormal reading of salbutamol on September 11.

The post race test found Mullany to be in breach of Greyhounds Australasia Rule R83 (2) which dictates greyhounds should be free of banned substances.

Mullan was fined and Jessie Rocks run was disqualified from the race in question.