Graham Berry Disqualified For Making Forceful Contact With Dog

RWWA Stewards today concluded an inquiry into the conduct of Public Trainer Mr Graham Berry whilst he attended Public Trials at Greyhounds WA Northam on Saturday 28th September 2013.

The inquiry was opened on the 15th October 2013 where evidence was taken from RWWA Investigator Ms Teresa Levy, RWWA Principle Investigator Mr Phil O’Reilly, Ms Leslie Roberts, Public Trainer Mr Brian Jacobson, Owner Trainer Mr Dan Biddle and Public Trainer Mr Graham Berry, resulting in two charges being preferred against Mr Berry.

Mr Berry subsequently pleaded not guilty to two charges under GAR 86 (o) in that during the public trials at Greyhounds WA Northam on the 28th September 2013, he made deliberate forceful contact to the body of a greyhound on two separate occasions, which in the opinion of the Stewards, was improper.

The matter was adjourned in order for the Stewards to consider the question of guilt.

Mr Berry was subsequently found guilty to both charges and the inquiry resumed today to consider the question of penalty to both charges. Mr Berry failed to attend today’s hearing and when contacted, he advised Stewards to proceed in his absence.

In relation to the first charge under GAR 86 (o), Mr Berry was disqualified for three months. In relation to the second charge under the same rule, Mr Berry was disqualified for twelve months, effective immediately.

In considering an appropriate penalty, stewards were mindful of the following;

o Mr Berry’s previous record
o The seriousness of both offences, in particular the second charge
o Mr Berry’s current status and personal circumstances
o The circumstances surrounding both offences

These penalties are to be served concurrently. The term of disqualification therefore expires at midnight on 30th October 2014.

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