Helen Rimmer Receives $750 Fine For Salbutamol Positive Swab

() stewards have finalised deliberations on a penalty following analysts’ reports of the finding of salbutamol in the urine sample taken from Cyclone Karman after that greyhound won Race 9 at meeting on 13 September 2013.

Consistent with the protocols established under the GRNSW Prohibited Substance Penalty System, Cyclone Karman’s trainer Helen Rimmer was advised of the reports received from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory and Racing Science Centre Qld, via written notification.

Ms Rimmer advised GRNSW of the possibility of the reports having occurred due to the use of the asthma inhalant Ventolin, a personal medication containing salbutamol, around her greyhounds.

Following alternate correspondence, Ms Rimmer pleaded guilty to a charge under GAR 83 (2) (a) of having presented Cyclone Karman for the event other than free of any prohibited substance.

After GRNSW considered submissions from Ms Rimmer, she accepted a $750 fine as penalty.

In considering penalty, stewards took into account such factors as Ms Rimmer’s record of having no breaches during a relatively short period as a registered trainer, a lack of evidence of any support for the greyhound on the day, the nature of the substance involved, her guilty plea and cooperation with GRNSW in determining the possible source of the reports. Particular consideration was taken of Ms Rimmer’s personal circumstances and the low level of the substance reported.

Notwithstanding those factors, the requirement for a penalty to be imposed in circumstances where a measure of negligence had been identified as a possible factor in the reports is underlined.

Under GAR 83 (4), Cyclone Karman was disqualified from the event in question and the placings amended accordingly.

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