Ian Hoggan Fined $1000 For Exporting Greyhound To Macau

() today opened an into a newspaper article that was published in the March edition of the CHASE newspaper relating to greyhounds being exported to Macau.

Evidence was today provided by trainer Mr Ian Hoggan, who explained the circumstances surrounding the abovementioned article. Also present at the inquiry was Mr Graham Johnson who was called as a witness by Mr Hoggan. Written evidence was tendered by Steven Hosking (Office Manager ), Mr (Former – Chief Executive Officer Greyhounds Australasia) and Ms Sandy Hoi (Macau Yat Yeuen, Canidrome).

After considering all the evidence, Mr Hoggan was charged under and subsequently pleaded guilty to Greyhounds Australasia Rule of Racing 124(1) which reads:

“Any person intending to export a greyhound, being the subject of these Rules or to those of a relevant Registration Body, from or New Zealand to any other country (excluding Australia or New Zealand) must, prior to meeting the quarantine and inspection service requirements of the relevant country, obtain a greyhound passport and certified pedigree issued by Greyhounds Australasia.”

The specifics of the charge being that as a licensed trainer Mr Hoggan did export greyhounds to Macau without obtaining greyhound passports from Greyhound Australasia, after it was resolved by Greyhound Australasia on 2 March 2013, that they would suspend the receiving and processing of greyhound passport applications where the destination country is Macau.

When considering an appropriate penalty, Stewards, while mindful of the severity of this breach of the , gave some dispensation due to Mr Hoggan’s exemplary record over a long period of being licensed. Mr Hoggan was subsequently fined the sum of $1000.

Mr Hoggan was advised of his appeal rights.

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