Julius Perrett Fined $500 Under Rule GAR106 (1) (d)

today inquired in the circumstances surrounding the greyhound Dashing Prince being euthanised whilst in the care of trainer Julius Perrett.

It was established that Dashing Prince sustained an injury during the running of Race 4 at the Border Park meeting on 3 November 2012 diagnosed by the Club Veterinarian to be a fractured near side fore toe.

Mr Perrett believed the greyhound to have been misdiagnosed at the time and transported the greyhound back to his Withcott property. After arriving at his property Mr. Perrett stated that he made attempts to contact his veterinary to examine Dashing Prince.

Mr. Perrett explained that Dashing Prince was in considerable discomfort and after these attempts were unsuccessful, he made the decision to euthanise Dashing Prince on humane grounds.

Stewards charged Julius Perrett with contravention of GAR106 (1) (d) which reads:

A registered person must ensure that greyhounds, which are in the person’s care or custody, are provided at all times with-

(d) veterinary attention when necessary.

The specifics of the charge being that before determining that the greyhound should be euthanised Julius Perrett failed to provide veterinary attention to Dashing Prince to determine that, in fact, euthanasia was appropriate in the circumstances.

Mr Perrett pleaded not guilty to the charge however after considering the evidence, Stewards found him guilty as charged and imposed a fine of $500.

In determining penalty Stewards took into account Mr Perrett’ s previous good record in relation to this type of matter in over 30 years in the greyhound industry and the individual circumstances of this matter.

Stewards, after consultation with RQ Chief Veterinarian Dr , have referred this matter to the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland for its consideration.

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