Mick Campbell Fined $500 Under Rule GAR 82(b)

today inquired into the finding by the Unit Officers of a metal trap and unprescribed medications at the Coominya property of licensed greyhound trainer Mick Campbell.

After taking evidence from Mr Campbell and Mr Ron Jackson who owns the Coominya property the ownership and purpose of the trap at the property could not be conclusively established and therefore Stewards took no further action in relation to that matter.

However Stewards charged Mick Campbell with the contravention of GAR 82(b) which reads:

An owner, trainer or handler who has in their possession at any place used in relation to the training or racing of a greyhound, any quantity of a prohibited substance commits an offence unless, a prescription for the prohibited substance which was issued by a veterinary who prescribed the prohibited substance for a particular greyhound after personally examining that greyhound is produced to the Stewards.

The specifics of the charge being that during an inspection of the Coominya property by IRU Officers on 2nd August 2013 unprescribed medications were found in the storage area of Mr Campbell’s kennels.

Mr Campbell was found guilty of the charge and was fined the sum of $500. Stewards allowed Mr Campbell two months to pay.

Mr Campbell was advised of his appeal rights.

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