Stewards’ wrap: GRNSW launches inquiry into Greens email

Stewards' wrap

GREYHOUND Racing New South Wales has announced it has launched an inquiry into comments allegedly made by a greyhound racing participant towards Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi.

The comments were made via email on March 11 which has recently been posted on Facebook by Faruqi.

A statement released by GRNSW on Thursday said “The comments allegedly made by the industry participant are abhorrent and do not reflect the views and values of GRNSW and the industry as a whole.

“GRNSW has great respect for Dr Faruqi and her concern for the safety and welfare of greyhounds, which remains GRNSW’s paramount objective for a sustainable greyhound racing industry in NSW.

“GRNSW will not tolerate comments that are detrimental or prejudicial to the interest, image or promotion of greyhound racing and has immediately commenced an inquiry to investigate the comments allegedly made by the participant.”

Eastell fined for conduct

QUEENSLAND trainer Neville Eastell recently fronted a Queensland Racing Integrity Commission inquiry in relation to his conduct at the Ipswich trials on Thursday February 15, 2018.

Eastell was charged with breaching GAR 86(f)(i) after it was alleged that he engaged in the use of improper language towards steward Adam Carter.

Eastell pleaded not guilty, but was found guilty as charged and was subsequently fined $500, however acting under the provisions of GAR 95(3), stewards decided to suspend $300 for a period of 12 months bending no breaches of the rules relating to misconduct during that period.

Murray cops suspended sentence and fine

GREYHOUND Racing South Australia (GRSA) stewards recently wrapped up an inquiry into the finding of two prohibited substances taken from the Heading My Way when it competed at Angle Park on September 18, 2017.

Stewards charged trainer Troy Murray with breaching GAR 83(2)(a) after the greyhound’s urine sample tested positive to meloxicam and dexamethasone.

Murray pleaded guilty to the charge, with evidence presented at the inquiry indicating that the positive result most likely came about as a result of advice provided by veterinarian regarding an appropriate withholding period.

He was disqualified for three months, with the sentence wholly suspended for 24 months pending no further breaches under the rule during that time. Murray was also fined $3,000.

Heading My Way was also disqualified from winning the race at Angle Park, with the placings amended accordingly.

Hefty penalty for breeding fiasco

KATHLEEN Johnstone recently faced a GRSA stewards’ inquiry into the relation to the splitting of a frozen semen breeding unit which was then inseminated into the bitches Excuses Moi and Banjo Blaze. This resulted in two litters of pups from the one breeding unit.

Johnstone was slapped with two charges. The first was under GAR 86(g) which is for failing to comply with a policy adopted by a controlling body, the second being GAR 86(ac) for acting in an improper way in connection with the breeding of greyhounds.

Johnstone was found guilty of the charges. For charge one she was suspended for six months, with three months suspended for 24 months on the condition she does not re-offend under the same rule.

For the second charge Johnstone was fined $10,000.

In assessing the penalty, stewards considered her lengthy and unblemished record within the industry. However, they also wanted the penalty to act as a deterrent and also took into account the potential earnings from the two litters.

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  1. Will GRNSW become Kerr’s cur?

  2. Honestly, I’ve seen much worse stuff written than that.

    Some of the stuff I’ve seen attributed to Mrs. F have been downright awful lies, but I guess that’s expected from a Greens politician.

  3. It concerns me that GRNSW has come out and said they have great respect for this woman. I don’t agree that she has concern for the safety and welfare of the greyhounds. It’s political opportunism.
    If the ban she voted for went ahead 10,000 greyhounds would have been euthanized by now and greyhound racing in NSW would not exist.
    If GRNSW are serious about investigating this event i would urge them to look at the possibility of collusion between the parties to again draw attention to banning the greyhounds, for sheer political gain.
    In the greyhound racing community respect is earned Mr Mestrov.

  4. They also issued a public statement rejecting her comments about their new polices with regards the euthanasia of greyhounds- she claimed it would make no difference, they defended the policy.

  5. Poor Mehreen- playing the victim (poorly of course) - yes it is just terrible that a woman from a wealthy background, who has come to Australia and is now a member of Parliament on the gravy train without a single person ever having voted for her- she was simply appointed by the Greens after the resignation of a candidate who made a bid for the Senate. Talk about treating “brown” people as she refers to herself unfairly LOL. If Mehreen is not a living example of how well we treat people who immigrate here I don’t know who the hell is.
    One of her facebook comments was a clip where she claimed “this was the sort of shit brown people have to put up with” - the “shit” was the fact Peter Phelps had called her out on a point of order in Parliament. Peter Phelps a truly worthy politician and who understands just how Parliament works had the hide to call her out and this is racism is it? I don’t think so. What if you are not white you should be able to behave in Parliament any way you like?
    Mehreen also was the one who put this in the public domain - she could have simply replied to the person who sent her this email - but she chose to make it public in an attempt to discredit greyhound racing and make herself a victim - which clearly she is not. She is a wealthy and privileged woman enjoying many benefits from the Australian taxpayer while claiming racism. Pathetic.
    Well the Greens got a thrashing in Batman, SA and Tasmania - let’s hope they will go away in every state.

  6. Yes Mehreen is quite happy to describe other politicians as cowards and criminals in the public domain - but apparently that is okay. Anyone who calls her out is racist. Double standards and playing the victim - what a combination.

  7. Agree with everything you have said Deborah.
    Mehreen has always been good for a laugh though…i’ll miss her after the next election.

  8. In your dreams - badapple. In today’s PC world they have no option but to investigate allegations of racism. When, however, you are silly enough to put them in the public domain yourself - well that suggests political opportunism. Mehreen regularly puts emails from people who contact her in the public domain - some of them are truly disgusting but greyhound people are not the ones who send them- she would have been very excited to finally get one from a greyhound person. It is pretty obvious what the game is. All the politicians get nasty stuff sent to them regularly most of them just view it as part of the job and ignore it. Most of them have the decency not to expose some one who writes to them privately, by putting it into the public domain especially if the person is obviously a bit emotional about something.

  9. Political correctness doesn’t sit well with me so being called a racist as far as Mehreen is concerned doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
    Point taken Deborah.

  10. When a person has been welcomed to our country, and given opportunities and allowed into a position of power and then throws that welcome and those opportunities back into the faces of good people - that does concern me. It also concerns me that a person who has been given all this and with a possibility of living on the generosity of the taxpayers till the end of their days, despite spending a great deal of their life in another country choses to believe they have the right to destroy the living and the passion of other Australians and to use a complaint, (sent privately to her ) it was not put into the public domain to maintain their position - as far as I am concerned it is not on.
    I regularly send emails to pollies - they are certainly not racist or abusive but they are forceful and they respond politely - if you need to spit the dummy and resort to public humiliation and attempt to get a person who disagrees with you in trouble with the authorities it suggests a level of immaturity that personally makes me wonder whether you indeed should be in a position of power. I have a couple of friends who are pollies and they tell me about some of the unbelievable abuse they get but they do not publish it in the public domain and play the victim.