Tony Lagana Fined $300 For Failing To Attend Inquiry

opened and completed an on Wednesday 14 May 2014 into the circumstances
for the non-attendance of Mr. Tony Lagana who was required to attend a ’s inquiry on
Wednesday 16 April 2014.

After giving consideration to the evidence presented, Mr. Tony Lagana was charged with a breach
of Greyhound Racing Rule 86 (e) which reads:

86 (e) Offences

Being an owner, trainer, attendant or a person having official duties in relation to greyhound racing,
refuses or fails to attend or to give evidence at an inquiry, or produce a document or other thing in
relation to an investigating, examination, test or inquiry pursuant to these Rules when directed by
Body, Stewards or the committee of a club to do so;

Taking into account Mr. Lagana’s guilty plea it was the decision of the stewards to impose a fine of

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