Zelemar Fever Unable To Race Pending Inquiry After Positive Swab

RWWA Stewards have been advised by the ChemCentre in Perth, that the presence of 5β–androstane-3α, 17β–diol (metabolite of Testosterone), at a concentration of greater than 10ng/ml, has been detected in the following samples obtained from Zelemar Fever:

A post race urine sample after winning Race 5, the Tabtouch W.A. Sprint Championship Final at Cannington on 16 August 2014.

A post race urine sample after placing third in Race 8 the Tabtouch National Sprint Championship Final at Cannington on 23 August 2014.

These findings of both ChemCentre reports have been verified by the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL) in NSW.

Accordingly the Stewards will inquire into these reports and the Trainer of Zelemar Fever, Ms Linda Britton has been requested to attend the inquiry, which will be held in the RWWA Stewards Room at Ascot Racecourse on a date to be confirmed.

Pursuant to provisions of GAR92(5)(a), Zelemar Fever is not permitted to compete in or be nominated for any event until such time as the inquiry is concluded.

ARG Opinion:
There must be a faster way of getting these swabs tested. It is now late October and these samples were taken in August. Two months isn’t fair on any participants; the Britton camp, Zelemar Fever’s connections and those that they are racing against. Zelemar Fever raced a further three times in between the tests and the results being determined.

30th August – 3rd at Cannington.
6th September – 5th at Cannington.
20th September – 7th at Cannington.

If Zelemar Fever is stripped of third placing in the National Sprint Final, then Crackerjak Dak will be elevated to third position and $10,625 will jump into the pockets of connections.

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